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Louisiana Republicans Achieve Unprecedented Authority After Longtime Democrat Changes Allegiance

GOP legislators in states such as Tennessee, which are typically associated with the Republican Party, are joining forces with Democrats to oppose policies concerning school choice

The two biggest banks in Switzerland are merging

Sixteen individuals listed on the FBI's Terror Watch-List were apprehended at the United States border, according to authorities

The number of illegal immigrants crossing the northern border is increasing rapidly

Mexico's President has attributed the fentanyl crisis to the lack of love and hugs from American families

The director of Black DEI reported that she was subjected to bullying and accused of being a "White supremacist" for taking into account the views of all races

A California Bill proposes to offer abortions and trans treatments in states where they are prohibited, with a new law safeguarding medical professionals

Sam Neill, known for his role in 'Jurassic Park', has been identified as having a very aggressive form of cancer and has issued an update on the situation

Lawsuit by Teen Filed Against Physicians for Removing Her Breasts When She Was Thirteen and Prescribing Puberty Blockers: Correspondence

Franklin Graham expresses approval of Governor DeSantis' actions in response to a hotel hosting a drag queen event with children present

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy vowed to take action following President Trump's assertion that he was going to be apprehended on Tuesday

A meteorologist from Los Angeles fainted on air during a live broadcast

President Trump urges his supporters to take action and not just sit by, declaring that "this cannot continue."

Harvey Carignan, infamously known as the "Want-Ad Killer," passed away in a Minnesota correctional facility

Keanu Reeves Replies to a Fan Who Proposed Marriage and Hints at the Action in 'John Wick: Chapter 4'

An expert has cautioned that El Salvador's efforts to reduce crime could cause gangs to migrate northward toward the U.S

The EPA Reveals Duration of Cleanup for Ohio Train Derailment

A Trans HHS Official has expressed that they have no regrets and are glad that they waited to transition in order to have their children in a throwback clip

Executives of First Republic Bank sold off stocks worth $12 million before the bank nearly failed

In the latest episode of 'The Search', Russell Brand and Ben Shapiro discussed parenting, marijuana, and politics

On Friday afternoon, California had a tough stance on Skittles, an international arrest warrant was issued for Putin, and Poland sent fighter jets to Ukraine

Researchers Claim Possibility of Aliens Living on Exoplanets' 'Terminator Zone'

Donald Trump declared his return to Facebook after a two-year suspension with the words "I'M BACK"

The White House has declined to accept a ceasefire proposed by China in Ukraine

Drew Barrymore Reacts to Hugh Grant's Claim That Her Singing is Inferior to a Dog Barking

The Russian government has paid tribute to the pilots who disturbed and collided with an American drone

A leading general has cautioned that hundreds of thousands of US citizens are in danger from the revival of ISIS-K in Afghanistan

Silicon Valley Bank's parent organization has filed for Chapter 11 insolvency security

Elon Musk Criticizes Politician's Comments on Gender Identity: 'Every Young Person Experiences Uncertainty About Who They Are'