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News for: 03-01-2023

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A Legislator Announced That He Would Apprehend Mayorkas If He Had The Ability To Do So

Cruz condemns Fauci, blaming him for potential future pandemic fatalities due to him having ruined the reliability of experts

In response to worries from locals about air and water quality, Pennsylvania has set up a health center near the Ohio train derailment

The spouses of Democratic Congresspeople have been shown to benefit financially, as they are alleged to have received substantial sums of money from their partners

Matt Walsh Dismissed the Media at Mississippi Legislation Signing Prohibiting Medical Treatment for Trans Minors, Calling It "Grotesque"

A watchdog group has stated that both the FBI and Capitol Police disregarded "trustworthy warnings" prior to January 6th

Brendan Fraser Describes His Close Call While Shooting 'The Mummy', Titling It 'The World Was Sideways'

Mississippi recently barred minors from receiving sex-change operations, with Matt Walsh giving comments alongside the Governor

Can Anyone Understand What Biden Intended To Communicate?

Psychiatrist Examines Biden's Fabrications, From Imagined Football Fame to Alleged Civil Rights Struggles, and Notes that the Situation is Only Getting Worse

On Tuesday, the Biden Administration stirred up some controversy with its selection of a labor leader and its intent to revive a foreign spying program. Additionally, Mississippi has enacted a law meant to counter radical gender ideology