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News for: 03-02-2023

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to browse The Worlds Newspaper Archive, a massive repository of historical newspapers, from the comfort of your own home, whether you are a scholar, historian, or you simply want to learn more about news.

Federal agents apprehended a person accused of trying to bring an explosive onto a plane in Pennsylvania

The U.S. Postal Service has purchased almost 10,000 electric cars, in keeping with President Biden's effort to electrify the federal fleet

In 2022, Three Woke Films Failed Spectacularly; Will Animated Films Regain Their Enchantment?

An 11-Year-Old astounded the School Board by reciting aloud from a sexually explicit book which he had obtained from the Middle School

WATCH: Hawley Questions Garland Vigorously Regarding Arrest Of Mark Houck In Presence Of His Kids

Garland Avows Unfamiliarity with Probes Related to Trump, Biden Documents Leaks

A lawsuit claims a New York transgender teacher allegedly compelled a fifth-grader to alter their name and pronouns

A Pro-Life Activist labeled Abortion Advocacy Organizations as 'Criminal Organizations' and the Texas Court decided this was an act of Protected Speech

El Salvador's President Speaks to Troops Fighting Gang Conflict, and Has a Menacing Message for the U.S

The hosts of 'The View' conceded that the lab leak theory was a possibility, but they had not discussed it since no one wanted to concur with President Trump