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News for: 03-09-2023

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Whoopi Goldberg asserts that the First Amendment does not permit individuals to be untruthful

Joe Biden proposes to reduce expenditures by $3 trillion in the next ten years. It is estimated that $20 trillion must be trimmed in order to achieve a balanced budget

Vice President Biden chastised Republicans for showing footage of the January 6th incidents on Tucker Carlson's program

Jeremy's Chocolate was able to move half a million chocolate bars within a few days of its introduction

Witness Jim Jordan Let Loose On Dr. Anthony Fauci Regarding The Source Of COVID

A journalist criticized the New York Times for reporting that U.S. officials had proposed that a pro-Ukraine group was behind the Nord Stream pipelines attack. They declared "They Can't Be That Stupid"

The Biden Administration has bestowed the 'International Women Of Courage Award' on a person who identifies as male

A new video released on January 6 has altered the narrative and has caused criticism of Tucker Carlson, as noted by Ben Shapiro

WATCH: ESPN's Redick and Perkins Engage in Heated Debate Over Allegation That Racism Affects NBA's MVP Voting

A whistleblower from TikTok has claimed that the Chinese Communist Party has the potential to obtain data from US users