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News for: 03-12-2023

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Jane Fonda Hastily Retracts Her Joking Remark About Killing Pro-Lifers

The Navy has taken the name of a famous oceanographer off of a vessel due to its ties with the Confederacy

DeSantis' Memoir Was More Popular Than Books Published by Trump, Obama, and Clinton During Its Opening Week

In Virginia, a judge has declared that embryos are categorized as property, using terminology from an old slavery law

Senator Joe Manchin expressed his disapproval of Ford's collaboration with a Chinese corporation to produce batteries, declaring himself to be "completely against" it

The Origin Of The Roman Empire, Section One: Establishing Rome

Sen. Blackburn and Trump Jr. criticized Karine Jean-Pierre for alleging something untrue about Michael Knowles, calling it "spewing misinformation and lies."

U.S. Energy Secretary Biden has expressed admiration for China's commitment to renewable energy, and indicated his interest in gaining insight from the communist nation

Democrats and Republicans initiate the conflict in the dispute about the debt limit

An elected Democratic representative reprimanded the Biden administration concerning its handling of the second largest bank failure in American history