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News for: 03-14-2023

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Piers Morgan Reveals The Reasons Behind Meghan and Harry's Falling Out With The U.K., Having Known Her Prior To Meeting Harry

The NYC office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has appointments scheduled for migrants up until the year 2032

Praise For Biden Rolling Out Of Bed At 9 AM, Just Like Everyone Else

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, was released from the hospital

Six Notable Instances of Awareness of Social Issues at the Academy Awards

Sen. Cruz criticizes Vice President Biden harshly for the testimony of a Marine regarding the unsatisfactory withdrawal from Afghanistan

Joe Biden has stated that it is almost immoral for states to prevent children from consulting with doctors who are advocates for transgender rights

A Summary of the Roman Empire, Part 2: The Public Thing

View PragerU's presentation on Constitutional Amendments

Migrants who try to cross the border illegally are attributing their actions to Joe Biden's recent immigration policies and social media gossip