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A leading general has cautioned that hundreds of thousands of US citizens are in danger from the revival of ISIS-K in Afghanistan

A leading general has cautioned that hundreds of thousands of US citizens are in danger from the revival of ISIS-K in Afghanistan

Army General Michael Kurilla, the head of U.S. Central Command, informed the Senate Armed Services Committee that ISIS-K's revitalized network in Afghanistan could launch an assault on U.S. or Western targets abroad in less than six months, with no or minimal prior notice, and that this could expose hundreds of thousands of Americans abroad to danger.

Nineteen months after President Biden carried out the calamitous retreat from Afghanistan, Kurilla offered an evaluation, leaving the Taliban to administer the nation.

Kurilla stated that their commander believes ISIS-K could carry out an attack on U.S. or Western interests in a matter of six months or less, with little to no advance notice.

Kurilla asserted that the likelihood of something happening was greater abroad than in the country of origin.

Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas inquired, “What do you think the timeline would be for the homeland if you compare it to six months in Europe or Asia?”

Kurilla said that they could possibly accomplish it in six months, with little to no warning.

Cotton queried, “When you consider all the troops in your domain as well as the Americans who are visiting for business, leisure, or religious reasons, would the total be something in the hundreds of thousands?”

Kurilla stated bluntly.


Cotton asked, “So, how many people could be in danger of a terrorist attack in Afghanistan in only six months?”

Kurilla gave a nod in agreement.

Kurilla conceded that intelligence has decreased significantly since Biden left office, for the U.S. can detect potential threats but does not possess the capability to observe the whole scenario in detail.

Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi, a Republican, said that the removal of American troops from Afghanistan about two years ago left a security gap which the Taliban, al Qaeda, and ISIS have taken advantage of. The Biden administration promised that the Department of Defense would still do counterterrorism activities in the region even without a few troops on the ground, yet only one strike has been done in the past year. The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has provided an encouragement to both ISIS and al Qaeda affiliates.