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A man accused of killing his wife gave an eerie response to a marriage-related question on "Family Feud."

A man accused of killing his wife gave an eerie response to a marriage-related question on "Family Feud."

Four years ago, an Illinois man who had been a contestant on the TV game show "Family Feud" declared that the blunder of the highest magnitude he had made was to get married — and that same man has now been accused of killing his wife.

Timothy Bliefnick was accused of first-degree murder and home invasion on Monday, according to the Daily Mail. He was in court on Tuesday and did not plead. He has been denied bail.

On the television show, Steve Harvey questioned the Illinois man, “What’s the biggest mistake you made at your wedding?” With a loving glance at his wife, he responded, “Honey, I love you,” followed by, “But 'I do.’”

Bliefnick made sure to emphasize that he wasn't referring to his own marriage when his answer elicited a response from the crowd.

“It wasn't me,” Timothy declared. “It wasn't me. I adore my wife. Is that going to get me into trouble?”

During a game of "Family Feud," a contestant supplied prosecutors with a crucial piece of evidence in the trial against him for supposedly killing his wife: his response to the question of what the "biggest mistake" was at his wedding.

— TMZ (@TMZ), as of March 16th 2023

Harvey warned Bliefnick that he would face serious repercussions at home, but he added that the only hope of avoiding them was if the answer was written on the board.

Unveiling the results, it was found that "I Do" came in second place. The taping of the show occurred in 2019, and it was broadcasted in 2020.

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It is not known if the restraining order that Bliefnick's estranged wife had filed against him was still in effect when she passed away.

Josh Jones, a State's Attorney, declared, “Domestic violence is never acceptable. We must take every case of abuse seriously and ensure that each and every victim is given a voice.”

We send our condolences to Rebecca Bliefnick’s family and her children, but our primary goal is to ensure that her murderer is brought to justice, Jones noted.