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California School District Invited Learners Aged 12 And Above To Speak On Progressive Gender Theory

California School District Invited Learners Aged 12 And Above To Speak On Progressive Gender Theory

A school district in California that is strongly emphasizing far-reaching gender theory promoted a discussion to students concerning “transgender youths” that did not mandate that their parents be present.

Davis Parent University, in cooperation with California's Davis Joint Unified School District (DJUSD), held a talk with Rachel Pepper, writer of "The Transgender Child: A Handbook For Parents And Professionals," a child gender change-supporting therapist, last week. Individuals aged 12 and older were welcomed by the school district to go to the event with any grown-up aged 18 and up.

On Wednesday, Pepper was heard saying in a video posted online that it is unacceptable to not provide care or tell a teenager to wait until they reach the age of 18 before taking action.

Rachel Pepper, writer of "The Transgender Child," stresses that "it is not appropriate to refuse care or advise a teen to wait until they turn 18 to transition."

Parents who are uncertain must ask themselves if they "would rather have a child in pain or even a deceased one."

Colin Wright (@SwipeWright) tweeted on January 18, 2023.

Pepper suggested that if a parent is hesitant to provide congruence options for their teen, they should consider if they would rather have a child who is suffering or worse, dead, than one who has access to gender-affirming care. This is a tactic often used to manipulate parents into allowing their children to receive puberty blockers, hormones, and gender-related surgeries, which is based on a disproven narrative of affirming or suicide.

In a question and answer session, Pepper was asked how to handle relatives who are doubtful of a four-year-old transgender child.

Pepper responded, saying that sometimes families have to make difficult choices, as there may be individuals in the extended family who are damaging, and thus not suitable people for the kids to be around.

Pepper stated that according to recent studies of high schoolers, 15 to 19 percent of youths could identify as being nonbinary, gender diverse, or transgender.

In recent years, DJUSD students have been exposed to considerable teaching on gender identity and sexuality which has led to a considerable surge in those who recognize themselves as trans. As per a 2020-2021 school survey, 6% of surveyed DJUSD students consider themselves to be “nonbinary” or “neither male nor female”; this is 4.3 times the national average and three times California’s average.

Promotions for the lecture could be seen on Davis Parent University's social media pages, as well as on a student website through which students had access to their homework tasks. A parent of a ninth-grade student informed The Daily Wire that her son had been sent flyers regarding the event twice in the space of two weeks.

A parent from Davis Unified, who chose not to be identified, expressed their worries to The Daily Wire that counselors and school officials are encouraging a single approach to gender dysphoria, which involves reassuring teens that they have a responsible adult to stand by them and endorse their transition.

The planned in-person event was possibly changed to a virtual one due to opposition; a group of protesters held a peaceful demonstration in the rain near Davis Senior High School and the Susan B. Anthony building on the date of the event.

Allie Snyder, a Davis Unified parent who attended the demonstration, stated, “We decided to focus on the high school in order to spread knowledge since the talk was primarily directed at young people. Although Davis Parent University declared the gathering was for adults, it was heavily promoted to students within the district. A bulletin regarding the event was sent to all the seventh graders and above.”

Tag @ethical_care, @StandingforXX, @ChoooCole, and @RubinReport with the hashtag #knowschoolsecrets, and call for an end to the indoctrination of children. Kids should be proud of their natural bodies. @DJUSD and @DJUSDPC are also included in this tweet.

— DetransAwareness (@DetransAware) January 12th, 2023

As many as 30 parents displayed signs reading, "gender ideology is contrary to science," "Democrats versus trying out on children," "transitioning does not stop suicide," and "stop informing gay boys that they are trans girls."

The Davis Joint Unified School District failed to reply to The Daily Wire's inquiry prior to the article's release.