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In the latest episode of 'The Search', Russell Brand and Ben Shapiro discussed parenting, marijuana, and politics

In the latest episode of 'The Search', Russell Brand and Ben Shapiro discussed parenting, marijuana, and politics

In "The Search," Russell Brand (comedian and actor) and Ben Shapiro (Daily Wire editor emeritus) had a free-flowing, unrehearsed dialogue about their idiosyncratic parenting philosophies, cultural matters, and even cannabis.

Brand, a liberal with a penchant for free-thinking and an aversion to censorship and stringent lockdown rules, declared his opposition to almost every form of “government intervention” in parenting, referring to the recent wave of kids being raised as their opposite gender. Shapiro contended that the government has to play some part in safeguarding children, especially from mistreatment.

Brand, who has two children aged five and six, commented, "For something that is so personal yet still part of the culture, I'm sure you and I would raise our kids in different ways."

Shapiro, the father of four kids, all under nine years old, including an unborn baby, replied, “I suppose so. Since your kids aren't attending a Jewish school, then yeah.”

Brand made a joke, saying, “They’re not going there. I don’t suppose your kids smoke cigars either – my own are quite the chain smokers!”

Shapiro jokingly remarked, “My son, I don't know — he's almost seven years old.”

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Brand stated that he thought a book about two male penguins raising a chick, as referenced in a monologue by John Oliver, would be a "gentle" way to teach children about same-sex relationships, and that it would be "perfectly inoffensive". He claimed it would introduce the concept that same-sex relationships are "acceptable and ordinary and not worthy of generating conflict".

Brand stated that the book in question was likely to present same-sex relationships in a positive light, as something that is both ordinary and unobjectionable.

Shapiro asserted that it would be suitable for parents to utilize the books to tutor their children, but that they should not be included in the school library.

Gov. DeSantis believes that materials of this kind should not be present in public school libraries for the reason that it is not the role of a teacher employed by a teachers union to educate his children in accordance with his own values, instead that is the job of the parents.

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“Ben, I'm inquiring if your stance is that, if you're permitted to bring up your kids as you wish, then other people should be given the same freedom to raise their kids the way they prefer,” he went on.

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Shapiro answered, "To an extent, yes. Nobody wants their children to be mistreated, for instance."

Shapiro stressed the importance of having a well-defined idea of what comprises a healthy parenting style, as children do not have the power to choose their parents. He then posed the dilemma of what treatment should be available to kids, depending on the diagnosis or the type of therapist they see, when it comes to topics such as gender identity.

Shapiro went on to express that autonomy is important, but there needs to be boundaries. He pointed out that the source of disagreement is typically related to what those limits should be.

Brand asserted his conviction that the government should not meddle with the way parents raise their offspring.

Brand posed the question: "What is the point of intervention?" He then went on to express that he does not want to be told how to raise his children, feeling quite indignant that someone else would attempt to impose their values upon him. He concluded that he does not trust the authority of others in this matter.

Shapiro concurred that parents should enjoy a great deal of freedom in raising their children, but noted that children must be shielded from mistreatment and given the opportunity to gain practical know-how.

Ben Shapiro stated that parents are usually the ones with the closest connection to their children. He went on to say that it becomes difficult to determine what is considered healthy or beneficial for kids, so it is often best to take a libertarian approach. However, he noted that he is not a libertarian because in certain situations, parents can cause active harm to their children.

I believe I would impose stricter boundaries than you would.

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Brand and Shapiro exchanged ideas about their approaches to parenting.

Shapiro explained that he is making an effort to shield his children from certain content because he believes that children can be shaped by their environment. He went on to state that this concept that a child will become who they will become regardless of their environment is irresponsible and most parents would agree, though they may have different views on what should and should not be exposed to their children.

At the end of the conversation, the two came to the conclusion that a "ceasefire" might be necessary on the subject of these cultural matters to protect the country, although Shapiro made his moral opposition clear.

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As they neared the end of their talk, Brand, who had not used drugs in over two decades, remarked to Shapiro that he could "detect the presence of marijuana" in the room.

Brand jokingly said, "Hand me the Talmud; if it's not in there –"

Shapiro chuckled and stated, “I'm not about to declare that marijuana is acceptable according to Jewish law, but it is a natural product.”

Brand declared, “I'm twenty years sober, yet I didn't expect to be tempted off the wagon this way. I've been with Rogan, Maher - but it's Shapiro who has caused my downfall!”


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