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Kerry and Gore Aid in Global Effort to Dismiss Klaus Schwab's Group of Outdated and Unrealistic Supporters

Kerry and Gore Aid in Global Effort to Dismiss Klaus Schwab's Group of Outdated and Unrealistic Supporters

The World Economic Forum has finally gone too far, presumably while skiing across Al Gore's "boiling ocean" behind a ramshackle vessel controlled by the far Left's Captain Queeg.

The World Economic Forum, which was helmed by a 30-year-old economist resembling a Bond villain and L. Ron Hubbard, is reaching its 52-year mark. It started out unnoticed, but as wealthy and influential people began attending, conservatives protested the organization, claiming that its leader Klaus Schwab and his followers were trying to seize control of the world. As usual, the left-leaning media discredited these claims, calling them conspiracy theories and saying that it was a positive thing.

In 2023, with many nations facing crippling debt, skyrocketing inflation, economic migrants in the millions, and the possibility of a third global conflict, the opinions of those in fancy hats were dismissed as unimportant. Even Europe's de facto energy czar, Greta Thunberg, only made an appearance to ridicule them.

The 2020 cohort of outmoded gasbags spewed the customary dire prophecies of an expiring planet, alongside the neo-spiritual demand for atonement from the industrialized countries. Anticipating an apocalyptic future, the solution presented was for successful nations to revert to the Stone Age while transferring all their riches to unaccountable internationalists who guarantee to divide it up among the primitive peoples.

If you're a meat-eater, car owner, advocate of borders, privacy enthusiast, or someone who just desires to be left alone, then you're considered a problem. This concept is nothing fresh, yet now it appears more dull than intimidating. Possibly this is due to the conference's purportedly famous faces resembling a remake of "Cocoon" or "Grumpy Old Men".

Al Gore, 74, spoke emphatically in a somewhat awkward manner, as he again asserted that the “oceans are boiling.” It appears as if there is a huge gas stove situated underneath the ocean floor. It is almost as if it were only yesterday that Gore had to contend with a multitude of grievances from masseuses, yet still managed to avoid the consequences of the MeToo movement and acquire a great deal of wealth from his “save the planet” scam.

John Kerry, the 79-year-old unsuccessful Democratic presidential candidate, declared himself to be an "alien" who had been "influenced" by some force which gave him the capacity to rescue the world. Known for being insufferable, Kerry once notoriously declared that the only option for him was to fly on a private plane. You can also have your own Gulfstream, if you marry the wealthy widow of your previous Senate associate.

Rumors are circulating that 69-year-old Tony Blair could be the potential successor to Schwab. Blair was heard advocating for a “digital infrastructure” so “we can know who is vaccinated and who is not.” It seems that even those individuals who display signs and bumper stickers with messages such as “In this house …” and “Co-Exist” are not interested in this idea.

Neither of the two major financiers of the WEF was present this year. Jeffrey Epstein's associate, Bill Gates, was absent and George Soros was either unable or refused to leave his residence to accept the reverence of devoted followers.

A revolt against Schwab appears to be forming. The Guardian states that a number of current and ex-forum members have joined together to draft a document which declares the founder as "irresponsible to anyone within and beyond the company."

The group pointed out that Klaus has been in charge of the WEF for 52 years, noting that when he was born, only 73 countries existed, as opposed to today's 195.

Konstantin Kisin, a British comedian, gave excellent advice on preserving humanity and the planet during his address at a recent Oxford Union debate that gained a lot of attention. His suggestion was that innovation, not authoritarianism, is the only way to save us. People in the world's most deprived and populous countries won't stop trying to keep themselves warm and provide for their families merely to satisfy an unrealistic group of patronizing progressives.

Kisin declared, “We cannot maintain these people in poverty, nor can we keep them from aspiring to greater wealth. Therefore, I suggest that the only way to prevent climate change in this country is to develop scientific and technological advances that produce clean energy that is both more affordable and environmentally-friendly.”

Should Kisin decide to form a club and organize yearly gatherings in the Swiss Alps to strategize on how to take control of the world, I'm on board. Maybe it will become a reality in half a century.