Illegal At-Home Abortion Offered by Abortion Clinic Employee, According to Report

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An undercover reporter from Real News Michiana discovered that an abortion clinic worker in Indiana offered an at-home abortion, despite the

Alan Daniels

Alan Daniels

25 August 2023 12:45 pm

Illegal At-Home Abortion Offered by Abortion Clinic Employee, According to Report

Undercover Reporter Discovers Illegal At-Home Abortion Offered by Indiana Clinic Worker

An undercover reporter from Real News Michiana uncovered a shocking revelation about an abortion clinic worker in Indiana. Despite the recent ban on abortions in the state, the worker offered to perform an at-home abortion. This discovery was made during a phone call to Clinic for Women, an Indianapolis abortion clinic that is currently closing down due to the ban.

The ban was implemented after the Indiana Supreme Court denied a petition for a retrial filed by the ACLU and Planned Parenthood.

Illegal Activity Confirmed in Secret Conversation

During a recorded phone call, a woman named "Bridgette" admitted to offering a medical abortion at home for a fee of $500, later agreeing to a lower price of $450. She acknowledged that her offer was against the law. In a secret conversation, she expressed concern about the consequences and mentioned lying about the date of the abortion procedure to justify her actions.

Investigation and Community Opposition

The incident has been reported to the Indiana Attorney General's Office. The Clinic for Women has opened a new location in Danville, Illinois, under the name "Affirmative Care Solutions." The clinic is operated by LaDonna Prince, Alisha Dunn, and Dennis Mickle.

The article also highlights expired licenses of a health facility administrator named Prince in Indiana. It mentions vandalism and community opposition to the new clinic in Illinois, which led to a crowdfunding campaign for repairs. An Illinois Democratic representative has requested an update on the vandalism investigation from the mayor and chief of police in Danville.

Conflicting Laws and Constitutional Rights

The Danville City Council recently passed an ordinance prohibiting the use of mail-order abortion pills, contradicting the state law that permits abortion until the fetus reaches the stage of viability. Despite the council's ban, a woman named Prince has announced her intention to open a new clinic in the city.

About Clinic for Women

The Clinic for Women is a clinic that provides abortion services and is affiliated with the National Abortion Federation and the National Coalition of Abortion Providers. It has been in operation since 1977 but has faced allegations of poor public health practices and neglecting informed consent waivers.

In 2005, the clinic challenged an Indiana law that required informed consent and an 18-hour waiting period before an abortion. The appeals court ruled in favor of the clinic, stating that the Constitution guarantees a fundamental right to privacy that includes the right to have an abortion. However, the Indiana Supreme Court disagreed, stating that the law did not impact any right to privacy or abortion.

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