Alabama Library Cancels Moms for Liberty and Kirk Cameron Faith-Filled Story Hour Event Due to Overwhelming Response

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Actor Kirk Cameron and former NCAA champion swimmer Riley Gaines were scheduled to appear at a faith-filled story hour hosted by conservativ...

Rachael Wiley

Rachael Wiley

03 August 2023 6:47 pm

Alabama Library Cancels Moms for Liberty and Kirk Cameron Faith-Filled Story Hour Event Due to Overwhelming Response

Event Cancellation and Capacity Limitations

Actor Kirk Cameron and former NCAA champion swimmer Riley Gaines were scheduled to appear at a faith-filled story hour hosted by conservative political organization Moms for Liberty at the Madison County Public Library in Alabama. However, just two days after the announcement, the event was unexpectedly canceled after months of planning.

The library in Madison County has cancelled an event due to capacity limitations. The event, which initially had around 30 attendees, quickly grew to 300 after conservative influencers Cameron and Gaines announced their participation. The library's public relations director, Jay Hixon, stated that the space could not accommodate such a large number of people. Additionally, there were threats from protestors located about 80 miles south of Madison County.

Moms for Liberty organizers, Emily Jones and Elizabeth Stewart, are skeptical of the official narrative provided by the countywide library system and the Madison City Police Department. They believe that the directive given was focused on managing their group rather than addressing the protesters. Jones, who is the chapter chair for the organization's Madison County chapter, feels that this indicates the police chief's lack of interest in ensuring the event's success and instead wants it to be over.

Conservative Christian Event Organized by Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron, the former star of the sitcom "Growing Pains," is organizing an event for conservative Christian families. The event aims to provide an alternative to controversial children's drag queen events and will take place at public libraries across the country on August 5.

Cameron and Gaines were not initially planned to attend an event in Madison County. However, the organizers received an email stating that the two national conservative celebrities would be present at the event.

Concerns and Opposition to the Event

The article discusses a person's reaction to an event involving someone named Elizabeth. The person admits to freaking out, shouting, and even doing a happy dance. The organization and Cameron, presumably the person mentioned earlier, shared the news on social media, which received an overwhelming response.

The organizers of an event initially planned to hold it at a library but declined additional space offered by the library due to concerns about protests. Local law enforcement confirmed threats of protests from a group, prompting the organizers to consider moving the event to a private location. However, they decided to stick to their original plan of holding the event in a public space.

The library initially planned to host an event aimed at promoting traditional values. However, due to safety concerns and pressure from the community, the library decided to withdraw its support for the event. They suggested finding an alternative location and also proposed the idea of operating on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The article discusses the concerns of an organization's communications lead regarding an upcoming story hour event in Madison, North Alabama. The organization has been monitoring social media accounts on platforms like TikTok and Reddit, where far-left protesters have expressed their plans to protest the event. Some protesters have mentioned displaying banned books in the parking lot, while others have suggested showing up dressed in drag attire in front of the children. The communications lead believes that these protesters do not want the event to happen.

Moms for Liberty, a group of concerned parents, has decided to host a children's event in response to the increasing popularity of drag queen story events across the country. Initially hesitant due to other commitments, the organizers were eventually convinced to move forward with the event after feeling a calling from God. The event aims to provide an alternative for parents who may have concerns about the content of drag queen story events, such as the one held at the Madison County Public Library.

Accusations and Investigations

BRAVE Books, a publishing company, claims to have evidence that the American Library Association (ALA) has been instructing libraries across the country to prevent conservative or Christian parent groups from using public library spaces. The company alleges that a director from the ALA suggested ways to block public meeting rooms for events like author Cameron's tour by claiming the space was already booked for other activities.

According to a breaking news report, evidence has been obtained suggesting that the American Library Association (ALA) is circulating guidance to sabotage conservative or Christian parent groups from gathering in public libraries on August 5th. The report claims that an ALA director provided suggestions on how to prevent these groups from using library spaces.

Republican Senator Kevin Cramer, along with Senators Marco Rubio and Mike Braun, is calling for an investigation into the American Library Association (ALA) over allegations of religious discrimination against BRAVE Books. This comes after leaked recordings were posted on social media by BRAVE Books, a company that promotes conservative values.

The American Library Association (ALA) is being accused of promoting a political agenda and receiving federal funds while doing so. The accusation comes from senators who claim that the ALA is actively promoting controversial events in public libraries, such as "Drag Queen Story Hours." These events involve adults dressed in provocative clothing reading to children, with the intention of introducing them to sexualized topics. The senators point out that the ALA has a dedicated page for "Drag Queen Story Hour" on their website, including a program session called "Reading Fabulously."

The law firm First Liberty Institute has sent a letter to the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services, requesting an investigation into whether the American Library Association has violated federal law protecting religious liberty. The law firm is representing Cameron and Brave Books and claims that the association has failed to comply with assurances of nondiscrimination required as a federal grant recipient.

American Library Association's Stance

The American Library Association (ALA) has stated that publicly funded libraries are not obligated to provide meeting room space to the public. However, if libraries choose to do so, these spaces are considered designated public forums and should not exclude any group based on the subject matter or ideas they advocate for. The ALA emphasizes that library policies regarding meeting rooms should not be prejudicial or discriminatory and should follow a reasonable content and viewpoint policy to protect library users and staff from harassment.

The American Library Association (ALA) has clarified its stance on content and viewpoint policies, stating that libraries should be inclusive and follow reasonable guidelines that benefit all members. A spokesperson emphasized that the ALA supports freedom of speech but also advocates for user behavior policies that protect library users and staff from harassment. The spokesperson dismissed any claims suggesting that the ALA has advised otherwise as incorrect and intentionally misleading.

Legal Action and Civil Rights

The Alabama Moms for Liberty chapter had their event canceled by the Huntsville-Madison County Libraries, which has been deemed as "unconstitutional religious discrimination" by their attorney, Jeremy Dys. Dys has stated that if the library continues to refuse space for the event, legal action will be taken to protect the civil rights of his clients.

Parents across the country, like Jones and Stewart, are feeling marginalized as Christian conservatives are being pushed out of public spaces and societal norms that they believe go against their beliefs are being embraced. This has motivated them to take their fight to a national level and work towards bringing revival back into their communities.

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