California Mother Loses Job for Publicly Criticizing New Sex-Ed Curriculum

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However, just a few days later, Roberson received a call from her employer, a real estate agency, informing her that she was being let go du

Rachael Wiley

Rachael Wiley

21 August 2023 2:34 pm

California Mother Loses Job for Publicly Criticizing New Sex-Ed Curriculum

Controversy Surrounding Teaching of Gender Identity in Schools

However, just a few days later, Roberson received a call from her employer, a real estate agency, informing her that she was being let go due to her public comments at the school board meeting. The agency claimed that her views were not in line with their company values and that her actions could potentially harm their business relationships.

Roberson is now speaking out about her termination, arguing that her right to free speech has been violated. She believes that parents have the right to express their concerns about what their children are being taught in schools, especially when it comes to sensitive topics like sexuality and gender identity.

The controversial sex-ed curriculum has sparked a heated debate in the community, with some parents supporting it as a necessary step towards inclusivity and education, while others argue that it goes against their personal beliefs and values.

The incident has raised questions about the balance between free speech and employment rights. Some legal experts argue that private employers have the right to terminate employees for expressing views that are not in line with their company values, while others believe that employees should be protected from retaliation for exercising their right to free speech.

As the debate continues, Roberson is considering legal action against her former employer, hoping to bring attention to the issue and protect the rights of parents to voice their concerns about their children's education.

Accusations of Racism, Transphobia, and Nazism

The article discusses the controversy surrounding the teaching of gender identity in schools. The author argues that teaching children that gender is not fixed and that they can identify as any gender they choose is scientifically inaccurate and medically incorrect. They specifically mention the belief that a girl can decide to be a boy or vice versa, stating that this is not true and should not be taught.

Janet Roberson, in an exclusive interview with The Daily Wire, reveals that she received a slanderous and offensive letter to the editor in their local publication. The letter accused her of being a racist, transphobe, and a Nazi, among other derogatory terms.

The person being referred to in the content is expressing surprise and shock over being labeled as a transphobe, homophobe, and racist by someone they have never met. The individual claims that their opinions were misinterpreted and exaggerated by the person who wrote about them in newspapers. They find the accusations absurd and untrue, and are taken aback by the consequences that followed.

Termination from Real Estate Agency

A real estate agent named Roberson, who has been working with the agency Compass since 2020, had her contract terminated shortly after publishing a letter. Despite her successful sales record of over $7 million in property last year, Roberson reached out to Compass to understand the reason behind the decision.

In this news article, a woman named Roberson was informed that her services were no longer required by a large corporate real estate company. The company did not provide any explanation for their decision. It is common for such companies to retain administrative staff while contracting with local agents. These agents invest their own money in branding themselves for the company and, in return, receive benefits and sales opportunities. Roberson expressed her disappointment and sadness at the unexpected termination.

Seeking Legal Action and Protecting Parental Rights

Janet Roberson, a mother of three from California, was devastated after being accused of having "hateful" beliefs and "internalized hate" for black and transgender people. She discovered that the complaint was sent by Nathalie Christian, the treasurer of a local Democrat group called Progressive Democrats of Benicia, and a member of the activist group Benicia Resists. Roberson is now seeking information on what to do next.

Christian, a concerned individual, expressed her disappointment in Compass, a company whose diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies she had thoroughly examined. She found it unfair that Compass would be linked to someone who promotes hate. Christian informed Compass that she planned to write an article about the issue in her activist publication, with a deadline of May 1, and requested a comment from the agency by that date.

Roberson, a real estate agent, has been fired by Compass, a real estate company. The company claims that Roberson was an independent contractor and her license was revoked at the request of her team leader in late April 2023. Compass did not provide further comments on the matter.

Roberson, a vocal advocate in her district, has been actively addressing issues such as mask mandates and CRT (Critical Race Theory). She created a website to provide resources for local parents and residents. Roberson believes that her website may have triggered negative reactions from members of the Progressive Democrats of Benicia and others during her peaceful school board appearance in April.

In an interview with The Daily Wire, a real estate agent shares her struggle after being let go from her job. She sought legal advice regarding potential slander and unfair employment practices, but discovered that anti-SLAPP laws limit the worker protections available to independent contractors. Despite consulting attorneys, the high costs of litigation have made it difficult for her to pursue legal action. As a result, she has lost her primary source of income.

Backlash and Support from the Community

A Benicia mother used her real estate marketing skills to create a video addressing a controversy surrounding comments made by Nathalie Christian at a school board meeting. The video was posted on social media last Tuesday and highlights the mother's pride in being a parent and resident of Benicia.

The article is written by a mother who has children in elementary, middle, and high school. She attended a school board meeting on April 20 to voice her concerns about a new sex education curriculum being taught to 10- and 12-year-olds. However, after speaking out, she faced backlash from individuals in the community who started a campaign to discredit and harm her.

A California mom has come forward after losing her job for speaking at her children's school board meeting. The mother, who was described as well-mannered, expressed her concerns about the new sex education curriculum, which she believed was teaching 10-year-olds that they could choose their own gender.

A video of a parent, identified as Roberson, expressing her concerns about critical race theory (CRT) at a school board meeting has gone viral. The video was shared by Jonathan Zachreson, co-founder of StudentsFirstCA, and even caught the attention of Elon Musk. Roberson has clarified that she does not hold any resentment towards the school board and has been treated respectfully. The Daily Wire reached out to the superintendent of Benicia Unified School District, Dr. Damon Wright, who stated that the district supports parent input and community dialogue, including Roberson's right to participate in that dialogue.

The Benicia Unified School District (BUSD) has clarified its position regarding Ms. Roberson's employment matter. The district states that it provided her with a platform to speak during the Public Comment portion of a School Board meeting but did not play a role in her employment issue. The district emphasizes that it is open to engaging with the community and values input from community members, including Ms. Roberson. While the district does not respond to public comments during meetings, it listens to all voices and considers them in its decision-making process. The district also mentions that it focuses solely on matters within the scope of its work and does not engage in issues outside of that.

Desire for Accountability and Legal Support

Janet Roberson, a former real estate agent, expressed her desire for her former agency, Compass, to embrace all forms of diversity, including ideological diversity. She believes that the company should be held accountable and hopes to receive an explanation from them, considering the significant amount of money she has made for the firm.

The speaker is expressing their desire for someone to take responsibility for a decision that was made, and to openly acknowledge that they were the one who made the decision. They also express the need for this person to have a conversation with them to understand their perspective before making the decision.

Support from Friends and Fundraising Efforts

Janet Roberson's friends have started a GiveSendGo campaign to raise funds for her legal expenses if she chooses to pursue further action. Kira Davis, a conservative writer and pundit, has been involved in the field for nearly twelve years and immigrated to the United States from Canada at the age of eighteen. She currently lives in California with her husband, two children, and refers to some voters as "insane."

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