Candace Owens Joins Coalition Urging Authorities to Release Covenant School Shooter's Writings

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Candace Owens, a host at the Daily Wire, has joined a group of Tennessee lawmakers, political figures, and non-profits in demanding the rele...

Irma Estes

Irma Estes

02 August 2023 1:41 pm

Candace Owens Joins Coalition Urging Authorities to Release Covenant School Shooter's Writings

Candace Owens Calls for Release of Covenant School Shooter's Manifesto

Candace Owens, a host at the Daily Wire, has joined a group of Tennessee lawmakers, political figures, and non-profits in demanding the release of the Covenant School shooter's manifesto. The manifesto has been kept confidential by federal, state, and local authorities for over four months.

Press Conference Demands Release of Documents

At a press conference held outside the Davidson County Courthouse in Tennessee, a resident of Nashville named Owens spoke alongside members of the national non-profit Faith and Freedom Coalition. The press conference was hosted by Vivek Ramaswamy, a 2024 Republican presidential candidate. The speakers collectively called on Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, the Nashville Metro Police Department, and the FBI to release certain documents.

Candace Owens Speaks as an Expecting Mother

Candace Owens, a political commentator, expressed her thoughts not as a commentator but as an expecting mother and mother of two young children. She discussed the emotions felt by the community on a particular morning.

Details of the Covenant School Shooting

On March 27, 2023, a tragic shooting took place at The Covenant School, a Presbyterian-affiliated pre-K-6 school. The shooter, a 28-year-old woman who identifies as transgender, went on a rampage and killed six people. Among the victims were three 9-year-old students named Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney. The other victims were three staff members, including the headmaster Katherine Koonce, Cynthia Peak, and Mike Hill. The shooter's identity has not been disclosed by The Daily Wire to avoid giving notoriety to shooters.

Eye-Witness Account and Police Response

The article discusses a recent shooting incident that took place near the home of a witness named Owens. The witness reveals that they were near the school where the shooting occurred just 13 minutes before the incident took place. The police responded quickly to the 911 call, and within 14 minutes, two officers arrived at the scene and shot and killed the suspect.

Praise for Acts of Heroism

In a recent statement, Owens praised acts of heroism displayed in response to a horrific crime against young children. He expressed his belief that such acts are rare in today's climate of cowardice and emphasized the need for more heroism in society.

Controversy Surrounding Manifesto Release

Authorities have revealed some details about the investigation into a recent mass shooting. The motive of the shooter remains unknown, but a search of her property yielded several items of interest, including laptops, a suicide note, memoirs, yearbooks, and cellphones. Further writings were also discovered in the shooter's vehicle, which was left in a school parking lot.

Authorities in the United States have a tradition of releasing the manifesto of a school mass shooter within 48 hours of the tragedy. However, there is speculation that the release of a shooter's manifesto has been delayed due to concerns about the shooter's gender identity. The documents have been withheld from the public for several months, raising questions about transparency in law enforcement.

Debate Over Release of Manifesto

The article discusses a shooting incident committed by a transgender individual, and highlights the decision of the authorities not to release the individual's identity. The person being quoted, Ramaswamy, criticizes this decision, stating that it undermines trust as the authorities had previously committed to releasing the information.

Request for Manifesto Release

The Nashville Metro Police have decided not to release certain writings related to a planned massacre at a private Christian elementary school. This decision is due to an ongoing investigation involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and multiple lawsuits against the local law enforcement. The obtained documents suggest that the shooter had been planning the attack for months and had studied the actions of other mass murderers.

The Daily Wire and other organizations have filed Freedom of Information Act requests to gain access to a collection of writings referred to as a "manifesto." However, school officials and a group of parents, including the shooter's family, are requesting that the writings remain private due to safety concerns for their families and school staff. They argue that as victims, they have rights under the Tennessee Constitution that take precedence over the open records law. On the other hand, organizations like the National Police Association argue that Tennessee state law mandates the release of the manifesto to the public.

Desire for Examination of Redacted Portions

In an interview, Owens expressed her desire to examine certain portions of a document that may have been redacted. She believes that the events that occurred in her area continue to affect her and others, and she wants to understand the full extent of what happened.

Lawmakers Call for Release of Perpetrator's Records

After a mass shooting incident, 66 Republican lawmakers have written a letter to the chief of the Nashville Metro Police, urging the release of the perpetrator's writings, medical records, and toxicology reports. Richard Hollow, a representative of The Tennessean, and state Sen. Todd Gardenhire have suggested that parents of the affected students should work towards changing the law to prevent the public disclosure of these records.

Plea for Transparency in Covenant School Shooting

The article discusses a plea for transparency regarding the Covenant School shooting in Nashville. The person making the plea, Owens, emphasizes the importance of not forgetting what happened and highlights that such incidents affect vulnerable individuals, even at elementary schools. Owens calls for the release of the manifesto to shed light on the situation.

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