Controversial 'Social Emotional Learning' Expert Accused of Hiding Sexual Abuse Allegations While Encouraging Sexual Exploration Among Minors

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The Daily Wire has conducted an investigation revealing that a prominent "social emotional learning" program, which works with schools and e

Jody Golden

Jody Golden

24 August 2023 9:11 am

Controversial 'Social Emotional Learning' Expert Accused of Hiding Sexual Abuse Allegations While Encouraging Sexual Exploration Among Minors

The Daily Wire Investigation Reveals Disturbing Practices in "Social Emotional Learning" Program

The Daily Wire has conducted an investigation revealing concerning practices within a prominent "social emotional learning" program. This program, which works with schools and engages in personal conversations with children, is being led by an individual who promotes astrology and has encouraged sexual activity among girls as young as 12.

Jennifer Freed: Founder of AHA! Santa Barbara

Jennifer Freed, a sex guru, astrologist, and psychologist, is the founder of AHA! Santa Barbara, a California-based education non-profit focused on social emotional learning. This organization gained attention when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited in May to highlight its mental health benefits for youth.

Allegations of Failure to Report Child Abuse

The investigation conducted by The Daily Wire includes allegations that Jennifer Freed failed to report instances of child abuse and at least one case of rape. A woman claims that Freed advised her not to press charges against a teacher who assaulted her when she was a minor. This incident has prompted a review of Freed's past writings, including a 2003 graduate school dissertation, which sheds light on her views on the sexuality of young girls and laws meant to protect them from sexual predators.

Controversial Views on Sexual Activity Among Minors

Freed's dissertation argues against laws that mandate mental health professionals to report certain crimes based on the age of sexual partners. The article highlights the laws regarding sexual relations between minors in the state of California, stating that it is considered child abuse for a minor aged 13 or under to engage in sexual activity with someone who is 14 years or older. The author argues that such laws may discourage young women from reporting their experiences and believes that legislating sexual activity among minors could hinder important conversations between youth and adults.

Disturbing Revelations from Dissertation

The dissertation titled "After Sex? A Study Of Young Female Teens" explores the experiences of four girls who had sexual relationships with older boys between the ages of twelve and fifteen. The author, Jennifer Freed, shares her own positive sexual experiences as a teenager and expresses a passion for discussing sex with young people. However, the dissertation raises concerns as it reveals that Freed has admitted to engaging in sexual conversations and activities with girls as young as twelve, even referring to her sexual partners as the "body of Christ" during their encounters.

Connections with Celebrities and Controversial Book

Freed has gained national attention and has connections with celebrities like Gweneth Paltrow. Her astrology-based self-help book, titled A Map To Your Soul, is being sold on Paltrow's website, alongside other products. The book is currently the top-selling non-fiction book in Canada.

Failure to Report Criminal Behavior

The dissertation presented transcripts of interviews with four individuals who expressed regret about having sex at a young age. However, there is no information suggesting that Freed reported these activities to the authorities. It is mentioned that Freed was a mandatory reporter at the time, as she had been working as an educator and psychotherapist for teenagers for 25 years.

Manipulation of Victims and Disturbing Interviews

The article discusses disturbing revelations from transcripts of interviews with four teenage girls who were victims of sexual abuse. The transcripts reveal that Freed attempted to manipulate the girls into viewing their experiences as positive, even in cases of rape. This raises concerns about the exploitation and manipulation of young girls for sexual purposes.

Controversial Conversations and Encouragement of Underage Sex

The article discusses various conversations between Freed and girls regarding their sexual experiences. Freed encourages a positive perspective on underage sex and questions how parents should handle such situations. However, some girls express regret and highlight the negative consequences of engaging in sexual activities at a young age.

Denial of Interview Request and Lack of Reporting

Jennifer Freed has declined an interview request from The Daily Wire and stated that she has followed all rules and regulations regarding reporting child abuse. However, the investigation raises concerns as the stories mentioned in Freed's dissertation were not reported to authorities.

Allegations of Discouraging Reporting and Racial Bias

There are allegations that Freed discouraged individuals from reporting instances of abuse, suggesting a "restorative approach" instead of involving authorities. It is also mentioned that Freed justified this advice by mentioning the teacher's race. However, Freed denies that this incident ever occurred.

AHA! Santa Barbara's Involvement in Schools

AHA! Santa Barbara, led by Freed, has been providing "social emotional learning" programs in schools and has received direct payment from the Santa Barbara Unified School District. This raises concerns about the influence of Freed's controversial practices within educational settings.

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