Fabricated Narrative: Canada's Alleged 'Mass Graves' Aim to Vilify Christians

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In a shocking incident in Stockholm, Sweden, a man publicly desecrated the Quran during a major Islamic religious holiday. The man approache

Alan Daniels

Alan Daniels

21 August 2023 12:45 pm

Fabricated Narrative: Canada's Alleged 'Mass Graves' Aim to Vilify Christians

In a shocking incident in Stockholm, Sweden, a man publicly desecrated the Quran during a major Islamic religious holiday.

The man approached a mosque with a crowd of onlookers and proceeded to tear out pages from the holy book. He then proceeded to wipe some of the pages on his shoe before setting the Quran on fire.

The incident has sparked outrage and condemnation from the local community.

The U.S. State Department condemns the burning of the Koran in Sweden

The U.S. State Department has condemned the burning of the Koran in Sweden, stating that it has created an environment of fear and could impact the freedom of religion for Muslims and other religious minority groups.

The department issued a strong condemnation and expressed concern over the incident.

Contrast between the response to Quran burning and church burnings in Canada

The content provided highlights a contrast between the response of Joe Biden's State Department to the burning of a Quran in Sweden and the lack of attention given to the destruction of over 80 churches in Canada.

The author finds it surprising that the State Department did not comment on the church burnings, considering their proximity to major population centers in Canada and the US border.

The implication is that the State Department's priorities are questionable.

Justin Trudeau's response to anti-Christian terrorism

The article discusses Canada's prime minister, Justin Trudeau, and his response to a historic campaign of anti-Christian terrorism that occurred two years ago.

The campaign resulted in only one arrest, which raised concerns.

Trudeau's response to the violence was described as both acknowledging its unacceptability but also understanding its motivations.

The article includes a video clip of Trudeau's statement.

Alleged indifference towards attacks on Christianity

The content provided highlights the alleged indifference of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and politicians in the United States towards attacks on Christianity.

It mentions the recent incidents of Christian churches being set on fire in Canada and a mass shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, which were supposedly ignored by the respective leaders.

The article also claims that there is a campaign of terrorism targeting pro-life pregnancy centers that is being overlooked.

Engineering hoaxes to demonize Christians

The content provided discusses how elected officials, with the assistance of corporate media, have engineered hoaxes to demonize Christians and create a pretext for violence against them.

In the US, this hoax took the form of warnings about "trans genocide" and a fictional epidemic of anti-trans murders, which were later found to be unrelated to the victim's transgender identity.

Church burnings in Canada and the alleged hoax

The article discusses the recent church burnings in Canada and the hoax that led to these incidents.

It mentions that in May 2021, Canadian media reported the discovery of unmarked graves of over 200 children near an Indian Residential School in Kamloops, British Columbia.

The media referred to these sites as "mass graves," sparking outrage and leading to the burning of several churches.

The residential schools were established by the Canadian government in the 19th century to assimilate indigenous children, and they were mainly operated and funded by various Christian churches.

Controversy surrounding Catholic schools in Canada

The article discusses the controversy surrounding Catholic schools in Canada and their alleged mistreatment of children.

It mentions that leftists in Canada have long claimed that these schools mistreated children, and this belief has led to arguments for stripping Catholic schools of provincial funding.

The article also mentions the recent discovery of supposed "mass graves," which some activists see as confirmation of their beliefs about the mistreatment of children in these schools.

Discovery of supposed "mass graves" at Canadian schools

The article discusses the discovery of supposed "mass graves" at Canadian schools where Indigenous children were sent in the past.

While it has long been suspected that children died of diseases like tuberculosis and influenza at these schools, the media and the Canadian government interpreted the finding of these graves as evidence of systematic murder by Christians who ran the schools and subsequent cover-ups.

Additional discovery of unmarked graves at residential school sites

According to the Bloomberg report, an additional discovery of unmarked graves has been made at a residential school site in Canada.

This comes in the wake of the shocking revelation that the remains of 215 children were found at a former residential school in British Columbia.

The discovery of over 600 bodies at another Catholic school for Indigenous children in Canada has also been reported.

The news has sparked widespread calls for accountability and justice, with many referring to it as confirmation of a genocide.

Ground-penetrating radar has been used to uncover these unmarked graves at various residential school sites across the country.

The findings have shed light on the dark history of the treatment of Indigenous children in Canada's residential school system.

Discovery of alleged grave sites related to indigenous children

During the summer of 2021, numerous reports emerged in the United States and Canada regarding the discovery of supposed grave sites related to indigenous children.

These reports received extensive coverage from the news media in both countries.

In response, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau knelt at one of the alleged grave sites and appeared to be emotional.

As a result of these revelations, Canada Day celebrations were canceled, and the government committed hundreds of millions of dollars to investigate the matter.

The news also highlighted mass protests and the toppling of statues in response to these findings.

Toppling of statues in Winnipeg

According to APTN News, protesters in Winnipeg toppled statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth during rallies that were held to honor the children found in unmarked graves at former residential school sites.

The outlet, which claims to serve indigenous communities, provided visual evidence of the statues being pulled down by the demonstrators.

Vandalism of statues in Winnipeg

Protesters in Winnipeg have torn down statues of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth during demonstrations held to honor the children found in unmarked graves at former residential school sites.

The rallies were organized in response to the recent discoveries of these graves, which have sparked nationwide outrage and calls for justice.

The statues were targeted as symbols of colonialism and the oppressive history associated with residential schools.

Controversy surrounding vandalism of statues

The article discusses the recent vandalism of statues in Canada by protesters who view Queen Elizabeth as a symbol of colonialism and oppression.

The author criticizes this anti-colonialist narrative, arguing that it oversimplifies history and ignores the positive aspects of colonialism.

The article also mentions Harsha Walia, the executive director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, who allegedly encouraged the vandals by stating, "Burn it all down."

Claims of mass graves turning out to be a hoax

This news article claims that after two years, the alleged mass graves that were said to have been discovered using ground-penetrating radar have turned out to be a hoax.

The article states that no bodies or remains have been found at these supposed unmarked grave sites, debunking the claims made by the individuals involved.

Revelation about Kamloops gravesite

The alleged gravesite in Kamloops, which was believed to be a mass grave of Indigenous children from a former residential school, has been revealed to be a septic field used for sewage disposal by the school.

The site was scanned with ground-penetrating radar, but the researchers did not realize that the trenches they detected were for sewage purposes.

The article questions why the assumption of a mass grave was made without considering other potential reasons for the trenches.

It also highlights that the radar only detected anomalies, which could be any unexpected or strange objects in the ground, not necessarily bodies.

Lack of inquiry and discrediting of those who question the narrative

The provided content highlights the lack of inquiry and discrediting of those who question the narrative surrounding residential schools in Canada.

It mentions that Canadian state media has not asked important questions regarding the issue for two years.

Instead, they have sought to discredit individuals who doubt the official narrative.

The content also references specific headlines from state media outlets, such as CBC and The Toronto Star, which focus on residential school denialists and their attempts to find unmarked graves and question the existence of bodies of residential school children.

Marc Miller's views on residential school graves

The article discusses the views of Marc Miller, a senior member of parliament in Canada, who argues that Canadians who question the media's claims are engaging in denialism and distortion.

Miller compares this to the way climate change deniers are treated.

He suggests that those who deny the existence of residential school graves could face civil and criminal sanctions, as recommended by an investigator appointed by Prime Minister Trudeau.

Proposal regarding residential school mass graves

The Canadian government is considering a proposal regarding residential school mass graves.

However, there are concerns that if the proposal is taken seriously, it could lead to many Indigenous people being sent to prison.

The article suggests that Indigenous individuals who are trying to prove the existence of these mass graves may inadvertently be disproving their own claims.

Excavation of graves at a residential school

Chief Derek Nepinak of an Indian tribe in Manitoba recently decided to excavate graves at a residential school that was previously reported to have 14 "possible burial sites."

However, the ground-penetrating radar used did not detect any unmarked graves.

Instead, it detected oddly shaped rocks, indicating that more than a dozen children were not buried under the school as initially believed.

Chief's concern over lack of evidence

In a video, a man referred to as the "Chief" expresses concern over the lack of evidence supporting his theory that children were murdered and buried underground at a school in the past.

He worries that this discovery might be used by "denialists" to undermine his activism and victimhood.

Despite the lack of evidence, he insists that everyone knows the Canadian residential school system was abusive and that the children were treated poorly by Christians.

Skepticism towards the narrative surrounding residential schools

The content provided suggests skepticism towards the Canadian government and media's portrayal of the residential schools in Canada.

The individual questions the credibility of the government and media, citing the example of a falsifiable story about mass graves at the schools.

They argue that if the schools were truly as terrible as claimed, there would be no need to fabricate such a lie.

The reader's perspective highlights a lack of trust in the information presented and raises doubts about the overall narrative surrounding the residential schools.

Spread of lies and misinformation

The content provided suggests that there are individuals who are being dishonest and spreading lies about what happened at certain schools.

This dishonesty is seen as creating chaos and hindering the possibility of having a reasonable, fact-based conversation about the events.

The author implies that these individuals may be intentionally spreading misinformation.

Controversial practices in Canada

The content provided suggests that Canada has a unique and controversial stance on certain issues.

It mentions that Canada allows abortion up until the moment of birth and permits euthanasia for individuals without terminal illnesses.

The author describes these practices as savage and exceptional.

Agreement between the Left in the US and Canadian liberals

The article highlights the agreement between the Left in the United States and Canadian liberals on various issues, including the recent church burnings in Canada.

It mentions that a year prior to the Canadian incidents, rioters in the US set fire to St. John's church near the White House, and the Left did not show concern.

The article also criticizes the Left for labeling former President Donald Trump as a fascist when he attempted to visit the damaged church.

Efforts to dismantle Western civilization

The article discusses a group of people, not limited to Canada, who are aiming to dismantle Western civilization, particularly Christianity.

The author highlights that there is a lack of resistance against these activists, including from the Vatican.

The Pope has even apologized to Canadian activists during a pilgrimage of penance for the country's residential schools.

Expressing frustration and anger towards cultural vandals

The content provided is a statement expressing frustration and anger towards cultural vandals and their alleged lies.

The author suggests that these vandals will continue spreading falsehoods unless someone stands up to them.

They claim that like Justin Trudeau, Joe Biden's handlers have a dislike for Catholics and Western civilization, and will use any means necessary to harm them.

The author urges readers to stop giving them the advantage and to speak the truth about their actions.

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