Feminists' Unexpected Criticism of the Women They Advocate for

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The article discusses how feminism and Hollywood are promoting the idea of female solidarity, but questions whether certain celebrities, lik...

Irma Estes

Irma Estes

10 August 2023 8:57 am

Feminists' Unexpected Criticism of the Women They Advocate for

The Complicated Relationship Between Feminism and Hollywood

The article discusses how feminism and Hollywood are promoting the idea of female solidarity, but questions whether certain celebrities, like Ariana Grande, truly embody this message. Despite identifying as a feminist, Grande's recent actions seem to contradict the idea of women supporting each other. The article suggests that in the era of celebrities, feminism may be losing its true meaning and becoming more about individualism rather than collective empowerment.

Ariana Grande: A Feminist Icon?

Ariana Grande is known for her feminist beliefs and activism. She included the song "God Is a Woman" on her fourth album, which is seen as a statement challenging traditional gender roles. She also attended the Women's March in 2017, joining millions of women in protesting against the patriarchy. Grande has been praised for her contributions to feminism, with Global Citizen noting that she has consistently preached solidarity and girl power. Her mother and grandmother also participated in the march, highlighting three generations of strong female feminists. Grande has shown her feminist values in her personal life as well, responding to accusations of cheating by asserting that she will carry herself with class and dignity, refusing to be used as a man's press opportunity.

The Naya Rivera Controversy

The article discusses Naya Rivera, the late actress from the TV show "Glee," and her alleged involvement in cheating and relationships. It mentions that in her 2017 book, Rivera revealed details about her relationship with her then-fiancé, Big Sean. Towards the end of their relationship, she found him sitting next to Ariana Grande at his house, although it is unclear if they were involved romantically at that time. However, it is known that Big Sean and Ariana Grande started a highly publicized relationship after his split with Rivera.

The Challenges of Postpartum and Support

The article discusses a story involving Ethan Slater, who played SpongeBob SquarePants in the Broadway musical. Slater has been married to his wife, Lilly Jay, for ten years, and they were high school sweethearts. Recently, Slater was cast in the musical "Wicked" alongside Ariana Grande, and the three of them started spending time together. During this time, Lilly Jay was postpartum, as she had given birth to their son in August 2022. However, despite the challenges of being postpartum, Lilly Jay's partner decided he didn't want to be together anymore. The article highlights the difficulties faced by postpartum mothers and the importance of support from their partners during this time.

The Shocking Divorce Filing

The article discusses the surprising divorce filing by a man named Slater, who had previously written a heartfelt Mother's Day post about his wife. It is revealed that Slater had been involved in a relationship with a woman named Grande, who had also filed for divorce. The wife was unaware of the affair until Slater confessed to her two days before the news became public. The wife had allowed Grande to hold her infant child and had spent time getting to know her, making the situation even more shocking. The article questions Grande's claims of being a feminist and supporting other women.

Ariana Grande's "Daddy Issues" and Brokenness

This article discusses the hypothesis that singer Ariana Grande has "daddy issues" stemming from her childhood, which may explain her behavior in relationships. The author claims to have found evidence supporting this hypothesis, citing Grande's parents' divorce when she was eight and their sporadic relationship since then. The article also references lyrics from Grande's song "Thank U, Next" as further evidence of her brokenness. The author concludes by suggesting that hurt people, like Grande, often hurt others.

The Blame Game and Grande's Intentions

The article discusses the involvement of Ethan Slater in the breakup of his marriage and his relationship with Ariana Grande. The author suggests that Slater is at fault and describes him as a "dweeb" who has lost his mind. They claim that Slater ruined not only his own life but also that of his child and the woman who loved him for the past decade. The author also argues that Grande will not stay with Slater as she sees this situation as a game and her goal is to break up relationships rather than stand by him.

A Critical View of Feminism

The content provided suggests a negative view of feminism, portraying it as a game for "broken women" seeking revenge against men. It criticizes feminism for being influenced by Hollywood and compares women's behavior to that of Ariana Grande.

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