Former Teen Abuse Victim Claims School's 'Social Emotional Learning' Expert Urged Her to Withdraw Charges Due to Teacher's Race

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A woman who was sexually assaulted during her time in school as a teenager has come forward with allegations against the founder of a well-k...

Irma Estes

Irma Estes

17 August 2023 4:00 am

Former Teen Abuse Victim Claims School's 'Social Emotional Learning' Expert Urged Her to Withdraw Charges Due to Teacher's Race

A Woman Comes Forward with Allegations Against Non-Profit Founder

A woman who was sexually assaulted during her time in school as a teenager has come forward with allegations against the founder of a well-known non-profit organization focused on social emotional learning. This non-profit receives funding from California public schools. According to the woman, the founder pressured her to drop charges against the teacher who assaulted her, citing concerns about the potential impact on the "over-incarceration" of black men.

Background on AHA! Santa Barbara

Jennifer Freed, a psychologist, astrologist, and sex guru, runs a non-profit organization called AHA! Santa Barbara. The organization aims to reduce emotional and physical violence in schools by creating healthy campus environments through social emotional learning (SEL). One of the methods used by Freed is conducting talk circles with high school students. However, a woman who participated in these talk circles as a student claims that Freed pressured her to forgive a teacher who had sexually harassed her.

Allegations Against Jennifer Freed

In a recent incident, a woman named Maria, who was a victim of assault as a minor, has accused a teacher named Freed of dismissing her accusations and suggesting a "restorative approach" instead of involving authorities. Maria claims that Freed lectured her about how her accusations could contribute to the mass incarceration of black men in America. The incident occurred when Maria was 17, and the teacher allegedly grabbed her buttocks and nibbled her ear.

Maria's Experience with Jennifer Freed

In an interview with The Daily Wire, a woman named Maria expressed her fear and discomfort with a licensed psychologist named Jennifer. Maria claimed that Jennifer was persistent in trying to convince her to handle a recent assault through a restorative approach instead of involving the authorities. Maria found this suggestion inappropriate and harmful, especially coming from a professional in the field.

Controversy Surrounding AHA! Santa Barbara

Freed's organization, AHA! Santa Barbara, has gained national attention for promoting social and emotional learning (SEL) in schools. SEL has been embraced by the Left and has received support from celebrities like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, critics argue that Freed's actions may reinforce the belief that SEL prioritizes leftist politics over the emotional well-being of children.

Maria's Accusations Lead to Conviction and Lawsuit

In this news, it is mentioned that Maria did not follow Freed's advice. Maria made accusations against her teacher, Matef Harmachis, who was a black nationalist and socialist. These accusations led to Harmachis being convicted of battery in 2017 and subsequently fired from the school in 2020. The school district also recently settled a lawsuit for almost $1 million, which blamed the district for allowing Harmachis to remain on staff despite his history of sexually inappropriate behavior.

Maria's Fear for Her Safety

Maria, a sexual assault victim, is expressing fear for her safety after leftists defended her attacker, Harmachis, as the real victim due to his race. Maria claims that she has been betrayed by fellow leftists who have turned against her in support of Harmachis. She shared her concerns with The Daily Wire, stating that she is now scared for her well-being.

Freed Denies Allegations

In a recent news report, Freed, a woman involved in a legal case, has denied any knowledge of Harmachis or any involvement in pressuring Maria to drop charges. She claims to have no connection to the case and is confused as to why such allegations are being made against her. However, following a previous report on Harmachis, Freed took to Facebook to share evidence suggesting that Maria had a positive view of her group.

Questions Raised About Freed's Connection to Maria

The article discusses a person named Freed who claims to have video testimonials from someone named Maria regarding the groups AHA! and the benefits she gained from them. It is unclear how Freed would have known Maria if she had no connection to the case. Maria provides a detailed account of an encounter with Freed, where he asked to pick her up and take her to a restaurant called Public Market for lunch.

Maria's Uncomfortable Encounter with Freed

Maria met Freed at a restaurant where they had a conversation. Freed mentioned that she had heard things about Maria and that she and Harmachis were close friends. Freed also mentioned the high rates of black men being incarcerated and suggested that Maria might prefer a connection circle instead of pressing charges. Maria was shocked and remained silent until Freed threatened to tell the principal that Maria had agreed to the plan.

Maria's Discomfort with Jennifer's Actions

Maria, who has known a licensed psychologist since she was 13, feels betrayed and upset because the psychologist is threatening to reveal something that Maria does not want her to disclose. Maria finds this behavior wrong and transactional, questioning why a licensed professional would act this way towards her.

Suspicions About Harmachis' Involvement with AHA! Santa Barbara

Maria suspects that one reason for Harmachis' involvement with AHA! Santa Barbara's "social emotional learning" programs is because his wife, Diane Fujino, is a board member of a group called Fujino's Fund for Santa Barbara. This group contributes money to AHA! Santa Barbara and is listed as a donor in their annual report.

Allegations of Manipulation and Financial Motivation

The article discusses a woman named Maria who claims to have been manipulated by a district employee to drop charges against her perpetrator. Maria believes that the employee, who is friends with her perpetrator, was motivated by financial gain from the district. The employee, identified as Freed, declined to be interviewed by The Daily Wire to address the discrepancies between her denial and Maria's account.

Concerns About Freed's Behavior and Boundaries

The content provided highlights allegations against a person named Freed, who has been accused of inappropriate behavior towards students. Freed, who claims to have dedicated their career to helping youths process trauma and develop resilience, is accused of using talk circles to push students towards engaging in sexual activities, including masturbation and lesbian experiences. One student, Maria, expressed discomfort with Freed's approach and felt that they were crossing boundaries.

Maria's Uncomfortable Experience with Jennifer

Maria, a heterosexual individual, has shared her experience of feeling uncomfortable when her friend Jennifer questioned her sexual orientation. Jennifer suggested that the world would be better if everyone was gay, which made Maria feel pressured and intruded upon. Maria expressed her discomfort with having personal and intimate topics discussed by an adult.

Concerns About Santa Barbara Program and Potential Leverage

Sex educator and author, Emily Morse, recently had a conversation with educator and author, Peggy Orenstein, on her podcast Sex With Emily. During the discussion, Orenstein talked about her work with teenagers and the misconceptions they have about sex. She mentioned that one of the activities she does with teens is after-school circles, where they discuss various topics related to sex and relationships. Orenstein highlighted the importance of addressing misconceptions, such as the belief that guys only prefer girls who are completely shaved and find those who are not disgusting. She also shared a photo of herself with Morse, which showed them in a room filled with sex toys.

Concerns About Privacy and Control in Talk Circles

The article discusses concerns raised about a program called Santa Barbara, which involves adults engaging in sex talk with children as part of social-emotional learning (SEL). Participants were asked to sign waivers allowing their images to be used for promotional and fundraising purposes, and were frequently directed to record video testimonials praising the program. The article highlights concerns about the potential leverage that adults could have over the children if they were to criticize the program, as the adults would have access to embarrassing personal details shared in talk circles.

Similarities to NXIVM and Manipulation

The New York Times has reported that NXIVM, a self-help group that evolved into a sex-slave cult, required women to provide embarrassing information as "collateral" to prevent them from leaving. This information was used to manipulate and control members. The article also includes an interview with a young Hispanic immigrant who felt scared to confront the leader due to the personal secrets she had shared during group discussions.

Maria's Negative Experience with Jennifer

Maria shares her negative experience with a psychologist named Jennifer from a company called Freed. She claims that Jennifer's actions have had a lasting impact on her mental health and have made it difficult for her to seek professional help. Maria believes that Jennifer has caused harm not only to her but potentially to other children as well. As a result, she no longer trusts Jennifer or psychologists in general.

Investigative Reporting by The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire has published a series of articles focusing on indoctrination and abuse in the Santa Barbara schools. One article highlights the story of a sexual assault victim who is shocked by the defense of the teacher who attacked her. Another article discusses the alleged presence of a cult-like atmosphere in Santa Barbara schools and how it relates to the fight against what is described as crackpot curriculum.

Concerns About Radicalization in the School District

A radical activist teacher, who adopted the name of an Egyptian god, has been accused of shocking behavior and radicalizing a school district. The teacher's controversial actions went unchecked for years, causing concern among parents and the community. The teacher's behavior and influence on students have been described as alarming and potentially harmful. The extent of the teacher's radicalization and the impact on the school district are still being investigated.

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