Georgia Indictments Pose Significant Threat

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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has filed a 41-count indictment against former President Donald Trump and 18 others, accusing th...

Jody Golden

Jody Golden

17 August 2023 6:28 am

Georgia Indictments Pose Significant Threat

Fulton County District Attorney Files Indictment Against Donald Trump and Others

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has filed a 41-count indictment against former President Donald Trump and 18 others, accusing them of violating the Georgia version of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. The indictment alleges that they were involved in a conspiracy to unlawfully change the outcome of the election in favor of Trump. The indictment is 98 pages long and marks a significant development in American politics.

Georgia Case Poses Unique Danger to Trump

The Georgia case against former President Donald Trump poses a unique danger to him because it is a state case. Unlike the Manhattan case, which is based on campaign finance allegations and considered weak, and the federal cases in Florida and D.C., a conviction in the Georgia case would result in Trump going to state prison. This means that even if he were to be elected president again, he would not have the ability to pardon himself. Additionally, the Georgia governor does not have unilateral pardon power, as pardons in the state work through an appointed board. Therefore, there is a real possibility that Trump could start his term from a state prison if convicted in the Georgia case.

Legal Battles Could Impact Trump's Re-election Chances

The article suggests that discussions about President Trump potentially pardoning himself are premature. It argues that the ongoing court cases against Trump, including the one in Georgia, will keep him tied up in legal battles for the rest of the election cycle. This will result in extensive media coverage of these court cases, making it difficult for Trump to shift the focus onto his opponent, Joe Biden. The article also mentions that there is no evidence to suggest that Americans are more likely to vote for Trump because of his legal troubles. It concludes that spending the entire presidential race dealing with legal issues would make it extremely challenging for Trump to win re-election.

Concerns Over Precedent Set by Trump's Legal Issues

The content provided highlights the concern that recent legal issues involving former President Donald Trump, such as mishandling classified documents, paying off porn stars, and attempting to influence election results, have broken a barrier. The author argues that this sets a dangerous precedent where political opponents can be targeted by legal enemies. They suggest that this could lead to a future where running for office carries the risk of going to jail, resulting in only the most unethical individuals seeking political positions.

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