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The article highlights that there will be no late-night shows, celebrity profiles, or awards show gatherings in the near future. It mentions...

Irma Estes

Irma Estes

17 August 2023 1:55 pm

Hollywood Strikes: Keep Us Informed When They End

The Future of Hollywood: Late-Night Shows, Movie Releases, and Strikes

The article highlights that there will be no late-night shows, celebrity profiles, or awards show gatherings in the near future. It mentions that some major movie releases, such as "Dune 2," may be delayed until 2024, similar to the fate of "Kraven the Hunter" and the "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" sequel. The article also points out that people are more concerned about pressing issues like inflation, gas prices, and the state of their nation.

Hollywood Strikes and the Standstill in Los Angeles

Hollywood is currently experiencing two strikes - one by writers that started on May 2 and another by actors that began on July 14. As a result, the entertainment industry in Los Angeles has come to a standstill. However, the strikes seem to have little impact or concern outside of Hollywood. Some celebrities, like Billy Porter, are downsizing their lifestyles, while audiences are turning to shows like "The Office" to relive the pre-woke era. Only projects that were not dependent on the traditional Hollywood system are still moving forward.

The Changing Dynamics of Celebrities and Audiences

The article discusses the ongoing strikes by writers and actors in the entertainment industry. It suggests that there is little hope for a quick resolution to either strike, and even if the writers end their walkout first, there may not be anyone to read their lines. The article also highlights the changing dynamics of the relationship between celebrities and audiences, suggesting that one side of this cultural bromance (presumably the celebrities) has been behaving badly, causing a decline in audience interest and attention.

The Rise of Online Content and Independent Creators

The article discusses the abundance of content available to audiences on various streaming platforms, including free options like Pluto TV and Tubi. It also mentions the increasing sophistication and engagement of video games. Additionally, it highlights YouTube's offerings such as podcasts, comic sketches, and original content, which are produced at a fraction of the cost of traditional Hollywood productions.

This article highlights the popularity of online content creators who are providing an alternative to traditional television shows. It mentions Sam the Cooking Guy, whose videos offer high production quality and fewer commercials compared to the Food Network. The article also mentions comedians Ryan Long, Kyle Dunnigan, and J.P. Sears, who create satirical sketches that are said to be more biting and entertaining than those on "Saturday Night Live." The article suggests that these online creators are worth checking out for those looking for fresh and engaging content.

The Rise of Independent Content and PR Issues in Hollywood

The article highlights that there is a growing amount of independent content being created that is free from "woke" ideology. This content is seen as a positive alternative for those who are tired of the Hollywood industry insulting large portions of the public. The problem of Hollywood's PR issues extends beyond election cycles and continues even after the votes have been counted.

Hollywood's Divisive Rhetoric and Controversial Statements

The article discusses how late-night host Conan O'Brien and the TV show "Saturday Night Live" have compared President Donald Trump's fans to Nazis in recent years. It suggests that this is part of a larger trend in Hollywood where celebrities express their disdain for conservative political choices while still urging viewers to watch their shows and movies. The article implies that this trend is disturbing.

The article discusses how some public figures criticized everyday Americans for protesting against lockdown measures that were deemed ineffective and damaging to their businesses. It also highlights that certain celebrities condemned individuals who chose not to get the government-approved COVID-19 vaccine, disregarding factors such as natural immunity and medical autonomy.

The article discusses controversial statements made by Howard Stern, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jimmy Kimmel regarding America's freedoms and the COVID-19 pandemic. It highlights that while Schwarzenegger apologized for his remarks, it is unclear whether Kimmel was joking when he suggested that unvaccinated Americans should not receive treatment at local hospitals. The article also mentions the ongoing divisive rhetoric coming from Hollywood.

The Strained Relationship Between Audiences and Artists

The recent pandemic has strained the relationship between audiences and artists. The 2021 Met Gala highlighted celebrity hypocrisy, as stars were seen walking around without masks while the staff were required to wear them. Additionally, talk show hosts addressed fully masked audiences on television without showing any remorse or embarrassment.

The Challenges Faced by Actors and the Need for Change

The article discusses the issue of unvaccinated actors facing unemployment and the case of Broadway and TV actor Clifton Duncan who left the industry due to this reason. It highlights his criticism of the creative community's strict measures. The article also emphasizes the challenges faced by many actors who struggle to make a living and mentions the disparity between well-known actors and those who remain unknown, hoping for their big break.

The current system in Hollywood should adapt to the technological changes happening in the industry, especially for the many unknown screenwriters. Streaming platforms should be more open about their viewership numbers and share that information with the actors and writers involved in the shows.

The Perception of Hollywood and the Desire for Fresh Content

This article discusses various aspects of Hollywood and its impact on the entertainment industry. It mentions the political leanings of Hollywood and how some people may dislike it, as well as the perception that the system feels rigged. The article also touches upon Hollywood's fear of artificial intelligence and the potential consequences it may have. It suggests that studios may be playing hardball while their executives enjoy luxurious salaries and lifestyles. Additionally, the article predicts that there may be a shortage of fresh content in the future, and highlights the desire for new and innovative shows beyond the popular sitcom "The Office."

The Growing Divide and Negative Impact of Politics in Hollywood

Hollywood strikers are facing another public relations issue as there is a growing perception of a divide between the "elites" in the entertainment industry and regular Americans. This divide is fueled by the belief that celebrities are sharing misinformation and blocking opposing views, which is frustrating for many people.

Author and Disclaimer

The article discusses the negative impact of politics and hate in Hollywood, making it difficult for people to support either side. The author, Christian Toto, is an award-winning journalist and movie critic who runs the website HollywoodInToto.com. He has also worked as an associate editor for Breitbart News' Big Hollywood.

The content provided is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Daily Wire. Readers are encouraged to download The Daily Wire app.

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