Judge Sentences Police Officer to Prison for Presence Near George Floyd's Death

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Peter Cahill is a judge in Minneapolis who was appointed by Tim Pawlenty in 2007 and has been re-elected multiple times. He gained national ...

Jody Golden

Jody Golden

09 August 2023 1:23 pm

Judge Sentences Police Officer to Prison for Presence Near George Floyd's Death

Peter Cahill: Judge in Minneapolis

Peter Cahill is a judge in Minneapolis who was appointed by Tim Pawlenty in 2007 and has been re-elected multiple times. He gained national attention for presiding over the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, who was involved in the incident with George Floyd.

Judge Cahill's Controversial Lecture

In a recent "Justice Jackson Lecture," Judge Peter Cahill, who presided over the trial of Derek Chauvin, made jokes about various aspects of the trial. The lecture, which took place last year, was delivered to a large audience of judges at the National Judicial College. Surprisingly, no news organizations covered his remarks, but a clip of the lecture is available online. In addition to the jokes, Cahill also discussed mundane topics such as the need to upgrade technology in courtrooms.

Judge Cahill's Shift in Stance

During a lecture, Judge Cahill, known for presiding over the trial of Derek Chauvin, began speaking passionately about racial justice. He abandoned his usual impartiality and advocated for every case to be centered around racial justice. This unexpected shift in his stance surprised the audience of judges.

Advocating for Racial Justice

Peter Cahill, a speaker advocating for racial justice, emphasizes the importance of considering race in every legal case. He encourages individuals to undergo implicit bias training and urges organizations to prioritize hiring based on skin color. Cahill believes that constantly thinking about race in all aspects of the legal system is crucial for rebuilding trust and confidence in the judiciary.

Criticism of Judge Cahill

The article discusses the issue of judges focusing on the race of individuals in their courtroom, rather than the law, which can undermine trust and confidence in the legal system. The author criticizes Judge Peter Cahill for allegedly favoring defendants who belong to racial groups he perceives as oppressed. The article suggests that this behavior is disqualifying and inappropriate, even for traffic court judges, let alone those handling murder trials.

Abandoning Impartiality for "Racial Justice"

The article discusses a judge named Cahill and his alleged rejection of impartiality in the legal system. The author argues that Lady Justice, often depicted with scales and a blindfold, symbolizes the idea that the law should be unbiased and objective. However, the author claims that Cahill and other activist judges want to abandon this concept and instead make decisions based on their own subjective views of "racial justice."

Criticism of Cahill's Handling of Cases

Judge Cahill has been criticized for his handling of a case involving charges against organizers of a riot that occurred at the Mall of America. The judge dismissed the charges, stating that the mall had somehow approved of the riot, a reasoning that was widely questioned and not believed by many. It is now suggested that Cahill's decision was driven by his pursuit of "equity" and "racial justice."

Mainstream Position and Oversight of Other Cases

The article discusses the mainstream position among judges in America, highlighting that Judge Peter Cahill was not forced off the stage during a lecture because many judges agree with him. It also mentions that voters in Minneapolis have consistently elected Cahill, allowing him to continue dispensing what is described as race-based justice. The article further notes that Cahill oversaw the cases of other police officers involved in the arrest of George Floyd, including Thomas Lane and Alexander Kueng, who assisted Derek Chauvin in restraining Floyd.

Sentencing of Tou Thao

This week, another officer involved in the George Floyd case, Tou Thao, was sentenced by Judge Cahill. Thao's case has not received as much attention as Derek Chauvin's, but the verdict and sentence are being criticized as even more unjust. The author argues that if one believes Chauvin's verdict was a miscarriage of justice, they should be particularly outraged by the treatment of Thao, who never physically interacted with Floyd. The author believes that Chauvin should not have been imprisoned, and Thao should not have even been investigated, let alone convicted and sentenced.

Thao's Role in George Floyd's Death

The content provided discusses the role of Tou Thao, a police officer, in the incident involving George Floyd's death. Thao's alleged crime was being present at the scene and holding back the agitated crowd. The author argues that Thao was simply doing his job by maintaining crowd control. The prosecution, however, claimed that Thao should have verified the credentials of a woman who identified herself as a firefighter and allowed her to intervene. The author suggests that the prosecution's theory implies that Thao should not have performed his duty, implying that George Floyd could have been saved if Thao had not intervened.

Testimony and Justification of Thao's Actions

During Derek Chauvin's trial, a Park Police officer testified that the crowd at the scene of George Floyd's arrest was becoming aggressive and he was concerned about the officers' safety. The testimony suggests that if former officer Tou Thao hadn't intervened to hold the crowd back, there could have been additional violence.

Charges and Motives Against Thao

The state and federal government charged Tou Thao, one of the former police officers involved in the George Floyd case, for his role in the incident. The prosecution suggested some possible motives for the charges during his trial. They criticized Thao for telling the mob, "Don't do drugs," which upset politicians in Minneapolis. The politicians in question were accused of deliberately hiding bodycam footage of George Floyd saying "I can't breathe" while in the backseat of a police car, before Derek Chauvin's actions. The footage was leaked to The Daily Mail and contradicted the officials' narrative. The suggestion is that Thao was charged because he pointed out that Floyd may have overdosed on fentanyl, which goes against the established narrative.

Unfair Punishment and Racial Equity

The content provided suggests a perspective on the conviction of police officer Tou Thao in the trial related to the death of George Floyd. The author suggests that Thao may have been unfairly punished due to pressure to dismantle police departments. They speculate that the conviction of Thao could discourage individuals from joining the police force and advance the goal of promoting racial equity.

Thao's Sentencing Hearing

The content provided is about the sentencing hearing of a person named Thao, who is involved in the death of George Floyd. Thao's refusal to admit guilt and his quoting of Scripture during the hearing are highlighted. The article suggests that Thao's actions of not bending to the mob and speaking the truth have angered those in power. It also mentions the response of the judge, Peter Cahill, to Thao's statements.

Thao's Courage and Comparison to John Proctor

The content provided describes a man named Tou Thao who is facing criminal charges and potentially years in prison. Despite the gravity of the situation, he maintains his innocence and refuses to confess to crimes he did not commit. The author praises his courage and compares it to the character John Proctor from the play "The Crucible," who also chose to face death rather than falsely confess. The author suggests that Tou Thao's actions should be celebrated and that his story would make for a compelling movie.

Biased Accusations Against Judge Cahill

This content is highly opinionated and biased, targeting Judge Cahill's reaction during a trial related to the death of George Floyd. The writer accuses Judge Cahill of having a "smirk" and being "impressed with himself" while allegedly throwing away an innocent man's life. The writer further claims that Judge Cahill wants to hear preaching about racial justice, equity, affirmative action, and praises for George Floyd rather than Jesus Christ. It is important to note that this summary is based on the provided content and does not reflect the views or opinions of the news site reader.

Sentencing of Tou Thao

Former police officer Tou Thao has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison for his involvement in the death of George Floyd. Thao, who did not accept the prosecutors' portrayal of Floyd, was criticized by major news outlets, with the AP describing him as "unrepentant" and reporting that he rambled during the hearing.

Controversial Trial and Sentencing

The article discusses the trial and sentencing of former police officer Tou Thao in relation to the death of George Floyd. The author argues that the trial was a show trial and that Thao did not break any laws by holding back the crowd. However, they suggest that Thao was punished for "blaspheming" George Floyd, as he did not align with the narrative that portrayed Floyd as a saint. The author compares Thao's sentence to that of a man who raped young girls, stating that Thao received a harsher punishment.

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