Kirk Cameron Discusses Conservative and Christian Involvement in Cultural Battle Leading up to National Faith-Based Story Hour Event

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Kirk Cameron, a well-known actor and conservative Christian, discussed the involvement of conservatives and Christians in the cultural battl...

Jody Golden

Jody Golden

02 August 2023 9:33 am

Kirk Cameron Discusses Conservative and Christian Involvement in Cultural Battle Leading up to National Faith-Based Story Hour Event

Kirk Cameron Discusses Conservatives and Christians in Cultural Battle Against "Woke Agenda"

Kirk Cameron, a well-known actor and conservative Christian, discussed the involvement of conservatives and Christians in the cultural battle against the "woke agenda" being imposed on their children. He spoke about this ahead of a faith-based story hour event organized by Brave books, which is set to take place nationwide on Saturday. The event aims to provide a platform for faith-based storytelling.

Upcoming National See You At The Library Day 2023

In an interview with The Daily Wire, a 52-year-old actor discussed the mixed response to the upcoming National See You At The Library Day 2023. The event is set to take place in almost 300 libraries across 45 states in the United States. The actor and his publisher have received both positive feedback and criticism for organizing the event.

Events Organized by Kirk Cameron

The article discusses the upcoming events organized by Cameron, an author associated with Brave books. Cameron expects large crowds at his events, along with other influential figures hosting story hours, such as Riley Gaines, Sheriff Mark Lamb, and David Harris Jr. Cameron plans to personally visit three libraries in three different states in one day, surprising hosts in Tennessee, Alabama, and Texas. He has recently released two books, "Pride Comes Before The Fall" and "As You Grow," both published by Brave books.

"Lifemark" Event

In an event called "Lifemark," actor Kirk Cameron emphasized that it is not just a platform for him to share his own stories. He praised Christians and Conservatives for standing up against the criticism and negativity they have faced from the Left. Cameron commended their efforts in demanding representation and a voice in important discussions.

BRAVE Story Hours Across the United States

There are currently over 200 BRAVE Story hours taking place in libraries across the United States on August 5. The organizers are still searching for hosts in several states, including Connecticut, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Vermont.

Significance of Brave Books' Tweet

The content provided is a tweet from Brave Books, a book publisher, featuring a quote from someone named Cameron. Cameron states that the individuals featured in the tweet are not just conducting a story hour at a library, but are American patriots. He believes that this moment is significant for people both in and outside of America to witness, as it showcases the current moral, political, and spiritual state of the country.

The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Children

The speaker emphasizes that the battle of ideas is not just a theoretical debate, but a real-life struggle for the hearts and minds of children, which will ultimately shape the future of the country. He believes that conservatives and people of faith should have a voice in this discussion and be part of the decision-making process.

Fighting Back Against Marginalization and Vilification

The article discusses how Christians are fighting back against being marginalized and vilified by the Left. The author mentions that on August 5, Christians will have a seat at the table and the Left will feel the weight of their presence. The article also mentions that Christians are adopting tactics used by the Left in this fight.

Positive Response and Support

Cameron, the subject of the news article, has chosen to focus on the positive response from communities rather than the criticism they have faced. They have received support from various organizations, churches, libraries, boards, politicians, families, state governors, pastors, mayors, and more. These supporters have taken it upon themselves to host their own story hours when more well-known individuals canceled due to protests.

Opposition and Controversy

Brave Books and Cameron, a group advocating for conservative values, have faced opposition from protestors and certain libraries regarding their stance on Drag Queen story hours. They have released a video showing the American Library Association (ALA) instructing libraries on how to prevent families from hosting these story hours while still supporting and funding Drag Queen story hours.

Investigation into American Library Association

The article discusses how a former "Growing Pains" star has praised politicians, including Senator Marco Rubio, for calling for an investigation into the American Library Association (ALA) and their alleged use of taxpayer dollars to silence BRAVE Books. The publisher of the article highlights the letter sent by Senator Rubio to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) regarding this issue.

Kirk Cameron's Reaction to Harassment

The article discusses an event that took place on Saturday, focusing on Brave story hours. It mentions that more information about the event can be found on the provided link. Additionally, it highlights Kirk Cameron's reaction to the harassment faced at a faith-based story hour in a library. Cameron expresses his belief that the left is playing a long game in this situation.

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