Lady Gaga's Father Takes a Stand Against Unauthorized Immigrants in Affluent New York City Neighborhood

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Joe Germanotta, the father of Lady Gaga, is speaking out against the influx of illegal immigrants in his upscale neighborhood in New York Ci...

Alan Daniels

Alan Daniels

10 August 2023 3:44 am

Lady Gaga's Father Takes a Stand Against Unauthorized Immigrants in Affluent New York City Neighborhood

Joe Germanotta Speaks Out Against Influx of Illegal Immigrants in New York City Neighborhood

Joe Germanotta, the father of Lady Gaga, is speaking out against the influx of illegal immigrants in his upscale neighborhood in New York City. Germanotta, who has lived in the area for 35 years, claims that the immigrants have "basically taken over" the neighborhood. He specifically mentions the Stratford Arms Hotel, which was recently converted into a residence for 500 illegal immigrants. Germanotta is leading the fight against this situation, expressing concerns about the impact on the community.

West 70th Street Association Formed to Address Crime and Safety Issues

Residents of a building on West 70th Street in New York City, including Lady Gaga's father, Joe Germanotta, have formed the West 70th Street Association to address concerns about increased crime and safety issues in the area. Germanotta expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation, citing the presence of 500 migrants living in a nearby dormitory as the cause of the mayhem. The association aims to lobby City Hall for increased policing and better control of the situation.

Increase in Prostitution and Safety Concerns in West Village

According to a local restaurant owner in New York City's West Village neighborhood, there has been an increase in the presence of prostitutes in the area. The owner, Germanotta, has observed prostitutes coming and going from a nearby building, particularly in the mornings. However, the situation worsens at night, with excessive noise from music and racing of motocross and motorbikes on the streets. Germanotta also expressed concern about the safety of young girls, as he claims they have been subjected to catcalling, with some as young as 14 being targeted.

Secretive Operation Brings Migrants to Westchester Neighborhood

In a recent interview, a resident named Germanotta described a secretive operation in which migrants were brought into a neighborhood in Westchester. He mentioned that the migrants were bused in during the night, and the authorities did not want anyone to know about it. The residents of the neighborhood were not given any notice about the migrant shelter, and the students at a nearby school were given only two weeks' notice to vacate their dormitories. The operation was described as rapid and unexpected.

Concerns Raised About Group's Presence in Neighborhood

The father of a popstar has expressed his concerns about the presence of a group of people in their neighborhood. He acknowledges that they are contracted to be there for three years but believes that there should be better management of the situation. He suggests implementing proper security measures, having a police presence, and establishing a code of conduct for the group. The father feels that the group has taken over the neighborhood and wants them to be more considerate as they are guests in the area.

AMDA's Dormitories Used to Accommodate Migrants

The article discusses a situation where the city needed space and approached AMDA, a company that owns two facilities, to use their dormitories. The company signed a contract with the city and emptied out both dormitories. The article suggests that AMDA is benefiting financially from this deal, but it has negatively impacted the neighborhood.

Lady Gaga Criticizes Mayor's Handling of "Sanctuary City" Status

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, criticized New York City Mayor Eric Adams for his handling of the city's "sanctuary city" status. She suggested that the mayor should have suspended the status until there was enough housing available and then allowed for more immigrants to be accepted. Germanotta also proposed using cruise ships as a temporary solution, as they can accommodate more people and provide a controlled environment.

Citizen Criticizes City's Spending Priorities

A concerned citizen is criticizing the city for spending a large amount of money that could be used to build affordable housing. The citizen believes that the city should prioritize taking care of its own residents, including veterans and homeless individuals who are not receiving regular meals. The citizen expresses sadness and empathy for these individuals who are not being adequately supported by the city.

Adams Expresses Frustration with Broken Immigration System

The content provided includes complaints from Adams, who states that the immigration system in the country is broken and New York City is left to deal with the consequences. Additionally, Germanotta, a building owner, expresses concerns about the impact on property values and requests a tax rebate in return for the money being spent.

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