Lawsuit Filed by Mother of Sex-Trafficked Teen Held in Boys Group Home to Support Trans Identity

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A mother is suing a Virginia school district and a government lawyer after her teenage daughter fell into the hands of sex traffickers. The

Alan Daniels

Alan Daniels

25 August 2023 8:32 am

Lawsuit Filed by Mother of Sex-Trafficked Teen Held in Boys Group Home to Support Trans Identity

A Mother Sues Virginia School District and Government Lawyer Over Daughter's Sex Trafficking Ordeal

A mother is suing a Virginia school district and a government lawyer after her teenage daughter fell into the hands of sex traffickers. The lawsuit claims that officials at Appomattox County Public Schools concealed the girl's gender transition from her parents and failed to address the bullying she faced for dressing like a boy. This led to the girl running away from home and being captured by a sex trafficker in Baltimore, where she was raped by multiple men. The mother is seeking justice and holding the school district and government lawyer accountable for their alleged negligence.

Baltimore Public Defender Accused of Keeping Girl in Maryland Against Her Parents' Wishes

In this news article, it is reported that a girl who was recovered by the FBI had a further ordeal involving a Baltimore public defender named Aneesa Khan. The public defender allegedly worked to keep the girl in Maryland until her parents accepted her gender transition. The lawsuit claims that the mother was not aware of the child's transition, as Khan had thrown away the letters that the child's mother had sent, leading the girl to believe she had been abandoned by her parents.

Teenage Rape Victim Allegedly Placed in Group Home and Misinformed by Staff Member

A 14-year-old rape victim in Baltimore was allegedly placed in a group home with teenage boys and told by a staff member that her parents no longer wanted her. The staff member, identified as Khan, reportedly also informed her that arrangements were being made for her to live with a family in Maryland who would affirm her as a boy. These claims have been made in a lawsuit filed by the victim.

Girl Kept in Baltimore Despite Judge's Ruling

A girl from Virginia was kept in Baltimore despite a judge ruling it illegal under the Interstate Compact on Juveniles. She was eventually returned to her Virginia home after running away and being abducted by a man who took her to Texas, where she was allegedly raped and tortured. Texas officials promptly returned her to her parents, unlike Maryland.

Allegations of Child Abuse Accusations and Attempted Child Removal

The content provided is about a lawsuit involving a woman named Khan who allegedly sex-trafficked a person named Sage. Sage was recovered in Texas and returned to her parents. Khan tried to keep Sage in Maryland, but a judge ruled against her. Khan then enlisted two counselors to falsely accuse a woman named Michelle Blair of child abuse in Virginia in an attempt to have her child taken away.

Concerns for Safety of Transgender Student

The article discusses concerns for the safety of a transgender student in rural Virginia. The student has received threats, and there is a caution against sharing personal information or photos that could further endanger her. The school board members in the area have not responded to requests for comment on the case. The board has also not yet adopted Governor Glenn Youngkin's policies on ensuring privacy and respect for all students, which would require parental approval for student transitions.

Lawsuit Against Appomattox Defendants

The lawsuit filed by a plaintiff named S.B. alleges various claims against the Appomattox Defendants. These claims include tortious interference with the parent-child relationship, conspiracy, intentional infliction of emotional distress, professional malpractice, and other rights under Virginia law. The lawsuit states that S.B. was deprived of her parents' care and treatment due to the defendants' conduct, which led to her experiencing fear, harassment, assaults at school, and threats from schoolmates. As a result, she ran away and was subsequently kidnapped by an adult male who drugged and violently raped her. This man was the person with whom she lost her virginity. Afterward, he took her to Washington, D.C., where she was left with two men who raped and drugged her again. These men then drove her to Maryland and left her with a registered sex offender who kept her in a locked room, raped her, and trafficked her to other men.

Lawsuit Alleges School Hid Student's Gender Transition and Encouraged It

A lawsuit has been filed against a school for allegedly hiding a student's gender transition from her parents and encouraging it. The lawsuit claims that counselors at the school discussed the student's gender eight times within the first 12 days of the current school year. It is alleged that these counselors provided psychiatric care that they were not qualified or authorized to administer.

Accusations of Negligence and Violation of Rights

The article discusses a case involving a transgender student, referred to as S.B., who was allegedly encouraged by her school counselors to embrace her male identity without properly reviewing her mental health history. The counselors reportedly directed her to online platforms promoting transgender ideas and failed to initiate Title IX investigations when she faced harassment at school. The article suggests that the counselors may have neglected their responsibilities and potentially violated S.B.'s rights.

Realization of True Identity and Allegations Against Lawyer Khan

According to The Federalist, a girl has come to the realization that she was never a boy after going through a traumatic experience. She confided in her mother, expressing that she feels like a completely different person now. The girl explained that she only pretended to be a boy because she wanted to fit in and make friends, but she now understands that it was not her true identity. The lawsuit alleges that a lawyer named Khan did not act in the best interest of her client, who was a victim of sex trafficking. The client, referred to as S.B., was a citizen and resident of Virginia but was brought to Maryland as a result of being trafficked. The lawsuit claims that Khan failed to fulfill her duty as S.B.'s attorney by not prioritizing her client's well-being.

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