NASCAR Suspends Driver for Engaging with Controversial George Floyd Meme

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NASCAR driver Noah Gragson has been suspended indefinitely by NASCAR and Legacy Motor Club for his actions on social media. Gragson reported...

Irma Estes

Irma Estes

06 August 2023 4:13 am

NASCAR Suspends Driver for Engaging with Controversial George Floyd Meme

NASCAR Driver Noah Gragson Suspended Indefinitely for Social Media Actions

NASCAR driver Noah Gragson has been suspended indefinitely by NASCAR and Legacy Motor Club for his actions on social media. Gragson reportedly liked a meme on Instagram that mocked the death of George Floyd, which has sparked backlash online. The suspension has caused controversy and discussion within the NASCAR community.

NASCAR Announces Indefinite Suspension of Noah Gragson

NASCAR has announced the indefinite suspension of driver Noah Gragson following his actions on social media. Legacy Motor Club, the organization Gragson is associated with, also confirmed the decision. NASCAR stated that Gragson's actions violated the Member Conduct section of the 2023 NASCAR Rule Book.

Noah Gragson Suspended by Legacy Motor Club

Noah Gragson, a NASCAR driver, has been suspended by Legacy Motor Club due to his actions that do not align with the team's values. As a result, Josh Berry will be driving the No. 42 entry for the upcoming NASCAR Cup Series race at Michigan.

Noah Gragson Apologizes for Controversial Social Media Activity

NASCAR driver Noah Gragson has issued an apology for liking a controversial meme on social media. In his apology, Gragson expressed disappointment in himself for not paying enough attention to his actions on social media and acknowledged the seriousness of the situation. He emphasized his love and appreciation for everyone and his commitment to treating everyone equally, admitting that he made a mistake.

Backlash Against NASCAR's Actions

NASCAR is facing backlash from some individuals who are criticizing the organization for its recent actions. One tweet suggests that NASCAR has suspended people for liking memes, while another tweet claims that NASCAR is "officially dead" and should be treated like a Bud Lite.

Criticism of NASCAR's Shift Towards Social Consciousness

NASCAR has been receiving criticism for its shift towards being more socially conscious, despite its fanbase being predominantly conservative. This has led to backlash and accusations of the sport becoming "woke."

Controversy Surrounding NASCAR's Inclusivity Efforts

Last year during Pride Month, NASCAR faced backlash for seemingly apologizing for allowing Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, to wave the green flag at the All-Star Race held at Texas Motor Speedway on May 22, 2022. The incident drew mockery and criticism towards the organization.

Conservative Media Personalities Criticize NASCAR's Confederate Flag Ban

Prominent conservative media personalities, including podcast host Dave Rubin, radio host Dana Loesch, and radio host Jesse Kelly, have expressed their criticism of NASCAR's decision to ban the Confederate flag from its events. Rubin referred to those supporting the ban as "virtue signaling weirdos," while Loesch questioned if people were being excluded based on their sexual orientation. Kelly accused NASCAR of disrespecting its fans, claiming that the majority of them oppose the ban but continue to watch the races regardless.

Controversy Over Governor Greg Abbott's Involvement in NASCAR

The article discusses the controversy surrounding NASCAR's decision to have Texas Governor Greg Abbott wave the green flag at the All-Star Race. Some individuals, including digital strategist Caleb Hull and NewsBusters' Curtis Houck, criticize NASCAR for being influenced by "wokeness" and losing touch with their customer base. They argue that allowing a politician from a red state to participate in the race should not be a cause for outrage and that those who disagree with their political views should not be silenced.

Opinions on Recent Developments in NASCAR

The content provided includes quotes from Collin Pruett, a former DHS official, and Harmeet K. Dhillon, an attorney, expressing their opinions on recent developments in NASCAR. Pruett suggests that America needs a new racing circuit due to issues such as identical cars, the Bubba Wallace controversy, rebel flag bans, and now another unspecified issue. He also mentions bringing back moonshine and dirt tracks. On the other hand, Dhillon criticizes the idea of a "woke" NASCAR and questions what could be next, mentioning "woke MMA" as an example.

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