Neighbor Describes Utah Man Fatally Shot by FBI Agents as a Non-Threatening Individual

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A 75-year-old man from Utah was shot and killed by FBI agents after making online threats against President Joe Biden and other government o...

Irma Estes

Irma Estes

11 August 2023 2:05 pm

Neighbor Describes Utah Man Fatally Shot by FBI Agents as a Non-Threatening Individual

A 75-year-old man from Utah shot and killed by FBI agents after making online threats against President Joe Biden and other government officials

A 75-year-old man from Utah was shot and killed by FBI agents after making online threats against President Joe Biden and other government officials. However, a former neighbor and friend of the man claims that he was a respected member of his local church community and did not pose a real threat to anyone.

Former neighbor and friend claims man was not a real threat

Tim Rich was alerted to an incident through a neighborhood Facebook group. He learned that gunshots were heard and a SWAT team had raided the home of his friend, Craig Robinson. Rich had a suspicion about the nature of the raid because he was Facebook friends with Robinson and had seen his posts about preparing his sniper rifle for Biden's arrival in Utah for a political fundraiser.

In an interview, Rich revealed that he paid little attention to Robinson's political rants. He dismissed them as mere expressions of frustration and assumed that they were not reaching a large audience, considering Robinson's limited number of Facebook friends.

Details of the threats made by Robinson

The content provided is about a man named Robinson who made threats on Facebook against President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Attorney General Merrick Garland. He mentioned using his M24 sniper rifle in a post about shooting Biden. In September 2022, he posted "Death to Joe Biden."

Rich believes the raid could have been avoided

A friend of Robinson named Rich was shocked to learn that Robinson died during a law enforcement raid, and believes that the choice to conduct the raid in the early morning led to an avoidable outcome.

Description of Robinson's physical condition and previous interactions with law enforcement

The article discusses the case of an elderly man named Robinson who was the subject of surveillance by law enforcement for several months. Robinson was described as largely immobile, weighing around 300 pounds and using a cane to get around. Despite his limited mobility, he would drive to his nearby church, which was only 200 yards away from his home. The article also mentions that two agents had previously interacted with Robinson before a fatal raid took place on a Wednesday morning.

Rich suggests a safer approach to apprehend Robinson

According to Rich, breaking into the home of a man known to be defensive was a reckless move. He suggests that it would have been safer to detain or arrest the man during the day when he was outside of his home, such as when he was getting out of his car or in a parking lot.

Rich's opinion on the use of deadly force

The speaker, Rich, is suggesting that if authorities were worried about someone's speech turning into action, they should have waited to see if the person actually took any physical steps towards carrying out their words. Rich believes that the person in question, Craig, would have likely just made some inappropriate jokes and nothing more would have happened.

Robinson's character and the need for more information

The article discusses the case of Craig Robinson, a man who was shot and killed by law enforcement officers during the Capitol riot on January 6th. The author argues that the officers had enough time to assess Robinson's intentions before using force, as he was not a violent extremist but rather a kind person who enjoyed sharing his hobbies and making jokes. Robinson was known for his woodworking skills and often gave handmade gifts to friends in the community. The article suggests that the officers should have gathered more information about Robinson before taking such drastic action.

Rich's memories of Robinson

The article features a quote from someone named Rich, who reminisces about his relationship with a person named Craig. Rich mentions how Craig would often show his children the projects he was working on, such as chairs for friends and rocking horses for their kids. Rich describes Craig as someone who cared deeply about the people around him.

Robinson's family defends him

The family of Craig Robinson, who was recently arrested for making threats on social media, has come forward to defend him. They claim that Robinson is a kind and generous person who would never have the intention or ability to carry out such threats. They describe him as someone who was always willing to help others, despite his advanced age and physical challenges.

Defense of Robinson's right to free speech

The family of an elderly man, who is largely homebound, has defended his right to free speech and protest on the internet and social media. While acknowledging that his statements may have been harsh at times, they emphasized that he has never engaged in any violent acts towards others due to political or philosophical disagreements.

Limited information about the raid on Robinson

The FBI recently conducted a raid on an individual named Robinson, but limited information has been released about the operation. According to an unnamed law enforcement source, Robinson was armed during the raid. His family has confirmed that he was a firearms enthusiast, and his threatening Facebook posts often mentioned his extensive collection of guns.

Tragic outcome of a recent incident

In a recent incident, a man named Robertson expressed a violent fantasy about shooting California's Governor Gavin Newsom in a social media post. Following this, law enforcement agents reportedly used force to enter Robertson's home, breaking down the door and entering through the windows. Tragically, Robertson was found dead outside his house, covered by a blood-soaked sheet.

Rich's concerns about the use of deadly force

The article discusses the disbelief of a person named Rich regarding a recent incident. Rich expresses surprise that two agents interacted peacefully with someone in a parking lot, observed their movements, but failed to realize they could easily intercept the person if they left their house. Rich believes that equating someone's words with physical intent that justifies the use of deadly force is dangerous.

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