Newly Uncovered Document Raises Questions About Joe Biden's Potential Involvement in Corruption

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The House Oversight Committee has made a significant revelation by sending a letter to the Archivist of the United States, requesting all re

Alan Daniels

Alan Daniels

21 August 2023 8:10 am

Newly Uncovered Document Raises Questions About Joe Biden's Potential Involvement in Corruption

The House Oversight Committee Requests Records and Emails Associated with Joe Biden's Secret Email Address

The House Oversight Committee has made a significant revelation by sending a letter to the Archivist of the United States, requesting all records and emails associated with a secret email address allegedly used by Joe Biden during his time as vice president. This email address is separate from the official one he used for official communications. The committee's move suggests a potential investigation into Biden's use of this undisclosed email account.

Concerns Raised about Government Officials Using Alternative Email Addresses

In 2021, it was revealed that a series of names were found on Hunter Biden's laptop, including the pseudonym "Robert L. Peters." It has now been identified that "Robert L. Peters" was actually then-Vice President Biden. This raises concerns about government officials using alternative or pseudonymous email addresses for communication.

Controversy Surrounding Hillary Clinton's Use of Private Email Server

The article discusses the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server during her time as Secretary of State. It mentions that while other individuals have also used private email addresses, the issue arises when these addresses are used for outside business activities and pseudonyms are used to hide those activities. This is seen as a potential problem and raises concerns about transparency and accountability.

Concerns Raised about Joe Biden's Use of False Email Address

The committee has released a document that shows Vice President Biden had a call with the president of Ukraine in 2016. However, they are concerned that the document was sent to a pseudonym used by Biden and that only his son, Hunter Biden, was copied on the email.

Allegations of Corruption Surrounding Joe Biden

The Ben Shapiro Show discusses allegations of corruption surrounding Joe Biden, claiming that his corrupt behavior dates back to his first Senate race. It is alleged that individuals associated with the Biden campaign collaborated with a local union to prevent the distribution of a newspaper containing an insert for his Republican opponent. The union was allegedly instructed to create a picket line to hinder the dissemination of the newspaper.

Scandals Involving Joe Biden and His Family Members

This news article discusses a series of scandals involving Joe Biden, his family members, and money. It mentions that Biden's first senatorial victory in Delaware was boosted by the newspaper not going out on that day. The scandals include family members receiving money from banks despite not being creditworthy, Biden's sons getting jobs they shouldn't have had, and Hunter Biden allegedly collecting cash in foreign locations under the Biden name.

Joe Biden's Alleged Involvement and Questioning of Wealth Sources

The article discusses Joe Biden's alleged involvement in various activities while maintaining plausible deniability. The author claims that despite Biden's denial of direct involvement, it is evident to everyone that he was deeply involved. The article also questions how Biden, who earned a modest salary throughout his career in the Senate, could afford to purchase expensive mansions. The content provided seems to be expressing skepticism and questioning the sources of wealth for Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's brother James, and brother Frank. The author wonders how they have acquired large sums of money and suggests that it may be due to Joe Biden's influence and connections. The author also criticizes Hunter Biden's character, referring to him as a "derelict human being" and a "ne'er-do-well."

Evidence Linking Joe Biden to Hunter Biden's Business Dealings

The content provided suggests that there is evidence linking Joe Biden directly to his son Hunter Biden's business dealings. While there is already indirect evidence, such as testimonies and pictures, this would be the first time that written communications between Joe and Hunter regarding the business have been seen.

White House Expected to Dismiss Request to Release Emails

The White House is expected to dismiss the request to release certain emails, claiming that they have no obligation to do so. They may also question the relevance of the emails and argue that they are private in nature.

Statement Expressing Astonishment and Duplicity

The content provided is a statement expressing astonishment at the arrogance and duplicity of someone or a group of people. It also includes a link to download the Daily Wire app.

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