Progressive Activists in Portland Played a Role in the Release of a Convicted Domestic Abuser, Resulting in Tragic Consequences

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Rachael Abraham's challenging life story is highlighted in a news article. At a young age, her mother gave up her rights to Rachael and her ...

Alan Daniels

Alan Daniels

18 August 2023 7:23 am

Progressive Activists in Portland Played a Role in the Release of a Convicted Domestic Abuser, Resulting in Tragic Consequences

Rachael Abraham's Challenging Life Story

Rachael Abraham's challenging life story is highlighted in a news article. At a young age, her mother gave up her rights to Rachael and her siblings, leading them to enter the foster care system. Later, during her high school years, Rachael's foster parents left her without any means of contact. She then relied on the support of friends, moving from one house to another. However, her life took a positive turn when she met Shay Whitaker while working at Subway. Rachael eventually moved in with Shay and her mother, bringing hope and stability to her life.

The Tragic Story of Rachael Abraham and her Family

The article tells the tragic story of Rachael Abraham and her family. Rachael had a sister named Marissa who was sent back to Eugene, Oregon by their foster parents before Rachael got married and had three children. Marissa was taken care of by Rachael, but she eventually met a man named Cevelino Capuia. In 2006, Capuia kidnapped and shot a man, and when he was arrested, he confessed to the crime and implicated his accomplice, Shawn Ryan Womack. On the same day Capuia was arrested, Womack took Rachael's little sister to the Oregon coast and fatally shot her in the head.

Rachael, a woman of Somali descent, shared her sadness with a local newspaper after her sister was taken away. She had converted from Catholicism to Islam and divorced her husband, Mario. Rachael then dated a Muslim Somali man and had another daughter. After that relationship ended, she started dating Mohamed Osman Adan, known as Mo, and they had three more children. At the age of 36, Rachael became a mother to a total of seven children.

The Story of Domestic Abuse

The article discusses the story of Rachael, who experienced domestic abuse from her partner, Mo. Despite initially having a seemingly positive relationship, Mo began physically assaulting and threatening Rachael. Fearing for her life, Rachael decided to leave him, but this only intensified his abuse. Mo would break into her home, physically assault her, and even held a gun to her head during one incident. Rachael reached out to the police, who advised her to request a no-contact order for her safety.

A Brutal Attack

In a recent incident, a woman named Rachael was brutally attacked by a man named Mo at her home. Rachael managed to call 911 during the attack, stating that she was not involved in any black magic, but the call was abruptly cut off. When the operator called back, there was no response. Mo continued to assault Rachael, dragging her into her children's bedroom, pushing her face into a window screen, and repeatedly stabbing her with a kitchen knife. He continued stabbing even after she died and eventually placed her body on a bed.

The Progressive Laws in Oregon

This news article reports on the tragic death of Rachael, which was made possible by the progressive laws in Oregon. The article mentions that the blade of a kitchen knife was found on the floor, with the handle missing. It highlights Mo's release from jail despite his history of abuse, ignoring court orders, and Rachael's repeated statements that she believed he would kill her.

Criticisms of the Legal System

The article discusses the case of Rachael, who tragically lost her life due to a series of decisions made by various individuals. The District Attorney, Mike Schmidt, claims that his office attempted to keep the suspect, Mo, in prison by requesting a high bail amount of $60,000. However, Mo was released multiple times without any bail being set until August when Judge Angela Lucero finally set his bail at $20,000, requiring only a $2,000 payment for his release. These decisions are being criticized as they potentially contributed to Rachael's death.

The Portland Freedom Fund

Amanda Trujillo, from the Portland Freedom Fund, paid bail for a person who violated their release conditions or skipped court hearings. The fund has a history of posting bail for violent offenders who later fail to adhere to court orders or appear in court. According to the Examiner, 58% of the fund's recipients have violated court orders, compared to the statewide average of 7%.

Attempts to Shift the Blame

Trujillo, who is accused of Rachael's murder, attempted to shift the blame onto someone else multiple times. She claimed that the African Youth and Community Organization (AYCO) had referred the person she was trying to blame. AYCO assists members of the Somali community in navigating the complex legal system in the United States. AYCO advocate Mohamed Yahia had previously helped the accused individual, referred to as Mo, with a DWI charge in Minnesota. Yahia assisted Mo in filling out a motion for default judgment and later helped him secure a job delivering donated air conditioners. In July 2022, Mo asked Yahia to write a letter of support stating that he had volunteered for AYCO. Yahia wrote a simple letter confirming this, believing it was intended for Mo's parole officer regarding the DWI charge. The letter also included a statement mentioning that Mo's temperament had shown improvement.

Concerns about the Legal System

The article discusses the case of a person named Mo who was bailed out by the Portland Freedom Fund without conducting independent research. The bail amount was $20,000 for strangulation charges, which raises concerns about the seriousness of the charges. The article also mentions Judge Benjamin B. Johnston, who released Mo from jail but ordered him to wear a GPS device and have no contact with Rachael Angel Abraham or children. This decision was made despite Mo's previous disregard for court orders to stay away from Rachael.

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