Subpoenaing the Bidens: A Good Idea, but Actions Speak Louder than Words

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The Morning Wire Afternoon Update podcast covers a range of news stories. In today's episode, there are four main stories discussed. The fir...

Alan Daniels

Alan Daniels

10 August 2023 1:17 pm

Subpoenaing the Bidens: A Good Idea, but Actions Speak Louder than Words

The Morning Wire Afternoon Update

The Morning Wire Afternoon Update podcast covers a range of news stories. In today's episode, there are four main stories discussed.

Story 1: Congress Subpoenas Joe and Hunter Biden

Rep. James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, has announced his intention to subpoena Joe and Hunter Biden to testify about their alleged involvement in a scheme to sell Biden influence. This announcement comes after the House Oversight Committee released a report revealing evidence that the Biden family received at least $20 million from foreign countries, including Russia. Comer believes that the Bidens will eventually have to appear before the Committee.

The speaker, who remains unidentified, states that they plan to subpoena the family and are working on building a case to win in court. They mention having shown bank records and explain that if they had subpoenaed Joe and Hunter Biden earlier, it would have been tied up in court and eventually dismissed because the prevailing narrative was that they did not receive any money while Joe Biden was vice president.

The article discusses the reasons why the Bidens were not subpoenaed earlier and praises Representative Comer for exposing corruption. It also mentions the need for tangible results in de-weaponizing the government and ending the persecution of Biden's political opponents. The reader is encouraged to click on a link for more information on this topic.

Story 2: Prisoners Swapped Between Iran and the United States

Five Americans who were imprisoned in Iran have been moved from a notorious prison to house arrest as part of a planned swap between Iran and the United States. The deal also includes the release of around $6 billion in Iranian government assets that were previously frozen by U.S. sanctions. However, if the agreement is finalized, Iran will only be allowed to use the money for purchasing food, medicine, or other humanitarian purposes, in accordance with existing sanctions.

The article discusses two main topics. Firstly, it mentions that the U.S. is providing billions of dollars to Iran, drawing a comparison to a similar situation that occurred during the Obama-Biden administration. The author suggests that this reflects a continuation of Obama's policies under the current administration. Secondly, it mentions that Jack Smith, a person of interest, has set a trial date just before the start of the primary elections.

Story 3: Trial Date Set for Former President Donald Trump

Special counsel Jack Smith has proposed a start date of January 2, 2024, for the trial of former President Donald Trump. The trial is related to allegations that Trump attempted to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Smith's office believes that it will take around four to six weeks to present their case to the jurors.

The former president expressed frustration during a speech in New Hampshire, stating that his political opponent, Joe Biden, is trying to put him on trial during the election campaign. He criticized the allegations as bogus and accused Biden's attorney general of charging him with something, which is forcing him to spend time and money away from the campaign trail.

The article discusses the potential impact of a trial date on Donald Trump's campaign if it is not delayed. It also mentions an indictment against someone named Smith, which is described as "dangerous bulls***" by Ben Shapiro, the Editor Emeritus of the Daily Wire.

Story 4: Wildfires in Hawaii's Maui Island

A series of wildfires have been devastating a community on the western part of an island. The fires started on Tuesday and have continued to spread, engulfing thousands of acres and resulting in the deaths of at least 36 people. The cause of the fires is still unknown, and President Joe Biden has declared a FEMA disaster in response to the ongoing crisis.

The article discusses the left's response to a crisis, with the author criticizing them for blaming it on climate change.

The content provided is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Daily Wire. Readers can listen to an audio version of the Afternoon Update and a full episode of Morning Wire for more in-depth discussion on the biggest stories of the day.
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