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Target reported a decline in sales for the second quarter, marking the first time in six years that the company experienced a drop in sales....

Jody Golden

Jody Golden

17 August 2023 1:50 pm

Target's Pride Collection Hits the Bullseye, Exceeds Expectations

Target Reports Decline in Sales for Second Quarter

Target has reported a decline in sales for the second quarter, marking the first time in six years that the company has experienced a drop in sales. The quarterly sales fell by 5.4% compared to the same period last year. The company released its second quarter earnings report on Wednesday, revealing the disappointing results.

Lowered Expectations and Negative Reaction to Pride Assortment

Target has announced that it is lowering its sales and profit expectations for the year due to recent sales trends. The company specifically mentioned a strong negative reaction to its Pride assortment as a contributing factor. In addition, Target's online sales fell by 10.5%, and both the number of transactions and the average dollar amount per transaction decreased. Overall, Target's total revenue for the year was 4.9% lower than the previous year, amounting to $24.8 billion.

Backlash Over "Pride" Collection

Target, a retail company based in Minneapolis, has faced backlash over its "Pride" collection, which includes a kids swimsuit with a tag promoting inclusivity. This has sparked a debate about whether or not major companies should push an LGBT agenda on their customers. The incident serves as a reminder that not everyone is supportive of such initiatives, even when they are simply trying to shop for everyday items.

Inclusion of LGBT-Themed Books

The article highlights the inclusion of LGBT-themed books for young children. Two specific books mentioned are "The Pronoun Book" and "Bye Bye Binary." "The Pronoun Book" likely focuses on teaching children about different pronouns used by individuals who identify as non-binary or transgender. "Bye Bye Binary" is a story about a baby who rejects conforming to traditional gender norms and instead chooses toys, colors, and clothes that bring them joy. These books aim to promote inclusivity and acceptance of diverse gender identities from an early age.

Controversial "Pride" Collection Items

Target recently faced backlash for offering an adult "Pride" collection that included controversial items. These items included swimsuits designed for men who identify as women to tuck their genitals, a t-shirt with the words "Queer Queer Queer Queer," and a hoodie reading "Not A Phase." The situation escalated when customers discovered that the designer of some of these "Pride" collection items had also created products with Satanic imagery. This revelation further angered customers, leading to criticism and outrage.

Boycott and Decline in Stock Price

Target faced backlash from customers after selling "Pride" merchandise, leading to a boycott and a 20% drop in stock price. The company eventually removed some of the merchandise and moved "Pride" displays to the back of stores.

Admission of Negative Impact

Target has acknowledged that its "Pride" collection had a negative impact on the company's performance. The admission came during an earnings call after the release of the second-quarter report. Target's CFO, Michael Fiddelke, stated that the company experienced a decline in traffic and sales due to the reaction to the Pride assortment.

Challenges Faced by Target

Target CEO Brian Cornell has acknowledged that the company's Pride collection received a negative response from some customers. However, he also highlighted that Target is facing other challenges, including a significant amount of retail theft that has become increasingly violent and dangerous for employees. Cornell referred to this theft as organized retail crime and emphasized that it is an unacceptable issue that the company is actively addressing.

Increase in Organized Retail Theft

According to Target's CEO, there has been a significant increase in store theft involving violence or threats of violence, with a surge of 120% during the first five months of the year. This rise in organized retail theft has been observed in cities across the country. Videos of these incidents often show individuals wearing hooded figures and dark clothes swiftly entering and exiting stores with stolen merchandise, including expensive luxury items.

Criticism of Progressive Prosecutors and Inflation

According to critics, progressive prosecutors are being blamed for allowing criminals to escape serious consequences for their actions. This criticism suggests that these prosecutors are not effectively holding criminals accountable. Additionally, Target has attributed its recent struggles to inflation. The company claims that shoppers are purchasing fewer nonessential items such as clothing and home decor due to the rising costs of goods, instead prioritizing essential items like food and bills.

Backlash and Changes in "Pride" Initiatives

Target experienced a significant increase in sales during the pandemic, reaching its peak in November 2021. However, the company has faced challenges in sustaining this momentum. The recent release of Target's "Pride" collection has received backlash, contributing to the company's struggles. It is worth noting that Target is not the only company facing criticism for their "Pride" initiatives this year.

Backlash and Losses for Bud Light

Bud Light, a popular beer brand, has faced significant backlash and a boycott due to its partnership with influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who identifies as transgender. The parent company of Bud Light, Anheuser-Busch, has reportedly lost around $395 million in sales in the United States as a result of the boycott. Additionally, Bud Light has been overtaken by Modelo as the best-selling beer in the country.

Success for Walmart

While some retailers are struggling, Walmart experienced a significant increase in sales during the second quarter. The company reported a 6.4% jump in store sales, surpassing the 4% growth that experts had predicted. Additionally, Walmart's e-commerce sales saw a remarkable spike of 24%, largely driven by pickup and delivery orders.

Changes and Profit Forecast

Walmart has increased its annual profit forecast for the second consecutive quarter following a positive second quarter report. Meanwhile, Target has acknowledged the backlash it faced over its "Pride" collection and has decided to make changes in response. These changes may involve altering the timing and placement of the products in stores, as well as reconsidering which brands are available for sale.

Toning Down "Pride" Celebrations

Target and other companies may tone down their "Pride" celebrations next year due to backlash from customers. This decision is driven by concerns about protecting their profits.

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