The Epic Struggle for College Football: A Career-Defining Battle

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In his new book, American Playbook, Clay Travis recounts his fight to save college football during the summer of 2020. Travis reveals that t...

Irma Estes

Irma Estes

09 August 2023 7:27 am

The Epic Struggle for College Football: A Career-Defining Battle

In his new book, American Playbook, Clay Travis recounts his fight to save college football during the summer of 2020.

Travis reveals that the Big Ten and Pac 12 conferences were considering canceling their seasons due to safety concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

He argues that if these conferences had canceled, it would have set a precedent for other conferences like the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 to follow suit, resulting in the cancellation of all college sports.

Travis's book sheds light on the significant battle he faced in ensuring that college football was played, ultimately preventing the cancellation of other college sports as well.

The author, who runs a radio show and website called Outkick, expresses their strong determination to advocate for the playing of college football.

They claim that their outlet has become the most assertive media platform in the country in support of college football.

The author does not explicitly state why they believe playing college football is important, leaving the reader curious about their reasons.

The article discusses the lack of substantial risk to young and healthy college football players from COVID-19.

It mentions that news outlets have been exaggerating the potential dangers, with one claiming that eight players would die if college football was played.

However, there have been no reported deaths of athletes due to COVID-19 from participating in sports.

The article also highlights the importance of college football in ensuring that high schools can continue fall sports and open for the academic year.

The Southeastern Conference Commissioner, Greg Sankey, expressed concerns about the potential shutdown of high school football seasons in the southern region if college football was not played.

The author, who understands the significance of high school sports for many students, particularly those who may struggle with schooling otherwise, was determined to prevent such a scenario from occurring.

The author of the content is a sports radio host and writer who actively advocated for college football to be played during the pandemic.

They used their platforms, Outkick and their national sports radio morning show, to push for the return of sports.

They reached out to governors of states with SEC, ACC, or Big 12 schools to have them publicly support the resumption of college football.

The article highlights the efforts of several red state governors, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, to advocate for the resumption of college football amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

DeSantis emphasized the importance of not only SEC and ACC schools but also high schools in his state playing football.

The article mentions that a coalition of governors from Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, and Oklahoma also supported the idea of college football being played in their respective states.

Several governors from states with ACC, SEC, and Big 12 schools have publicly endorsed the idea of playing college football in the fall.

The author of the statement claims to have informed Greg Sankey, the SEC's commissioner, each time a governor expressed support for playing the season, in order to keep the hope of playing alive.

The author expresses their admiration for someone named Sankey, who remained calm and reasonable under pressure from the sports media.

The media believed that the season should be canceled due to safety concerns, but Sankey handled the situation well.

The author recounts a conversation they had with someone named Sankey during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The author warned Sankey that the sports media, which had previously been supportive of sports, would now criticize any attempts to resume athletic activities.

The author advised Sankey to inform presidents and school athletic directors about the potential backlash they would face if they decided to proceed with playing sports during the pandemic.

The author of the content is highlighting their efforts to lobby for the endorsement of college football by governors and President Donald Trump.

They express their determination to get President Trump on their radio show and recall predicting this event years ago.

The author expresses their agreement with former President Trump's support for sports and the belief that sports' resumption is a positive step towards normalcy in the country.

They highlight their shared interests in sports and politics, suggesting a common ground between them.

The author shares a personal anecdote about their excitement for an upcoming interview with President Trump on their radio show.

They mention that their middle son is particularly thrilled because he believes the president knows Vince McMahon, the CEO of WWE.

The author of the content shares their anxiety about an upcoming interview with the President of the United States on their sports talk radio show.

They express concern about the frequent technical issues they experience with their phones, fearing that they might accidentally disconnect the President during the interview.

The author also mentions using a teaser to entice listeners before going on a break, revealing that their teaser for that morning was about having the President as a guest.

In a recent radio interview, President Trump expressed his full support for college football to be played amid the ongoing pandemic.

However, this statement had little impact as the Pac 12 and Big Ten conferences announced the cancellation of their fall seasons on the same day.

This news was disheartening for those who had been advocating for the continuation of college football despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

In the summer of 2020, the Big Ten and Pac 12 had already canceled their college football seasons.

The commissioner of the Southeastern Conference (SEC), Sankey, was considering canceling their season as well.

However, he was unsure of how to go about it and had not made a final decision yet.

The author of the content is encouraging someone to continue fighting and stay determined.

They believe that once college football players report to campus and start practicing, it will be difficult to cancel the games, especially in the South where college football is highly revered.

The author of the article, who is associated with Outkick and a radio show, discusses their efforts to support the continuation of college football.

They worked tirelessly and sought support from various sources to fight against the cancellation of the season.

They gained allies, particularly the parents of Big Ten football players, who were angry about the decision and filed lawsuits challenging it.

The author of the content had previously focused on SEC (Southeastern Conference) football but became popular in the Big Ten conference due to their support for the sport.

They worked with the Trump White House, specifically Tim Pataki, to overturn the decision to cancel the Big Ten football season.

They gained momentum and even had President Trump personally speak with the Big Ten Commissioner, Kevin Warren, in an effort to reverse the decision.

The author of the content was involved in strategy sessions with the White House to save college football.

They mention that players, who had been mostly quiet, started speaking out on social media.

Star quarterbacks Trevor Lawrence from Clemson and Justin Fields from Ohio State, along with many other players, started a viral hashtag on Twitter called "let-us-play."

The article highlights the desire of players, coaches, and administrators to resume sports activities despite concerns from the media.

These individuals have been afraid of facing criticism from the media, which has largely opposed the return of sports due to fears of potential deaths.

In May 2020, Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy faced criticism after suggesting that his players should return to campus and resume regular workouts.

His opinion sparked a strong backlash, leading other coaches to remain silent out of fear of facing similar social media attacks.

The article discusses the support received by Outkick, a sports news website, from SEC Commissioner Sankey and players in the SEC, Big 12, and ACC conferences.

The author believes that their strong leadership and vocal support will eventually lead to the resumption of college football games in the Big Ten and Pac 12 conferences, as the parents of players in those conferences will push for their return.

The individual, who is described as the most likable and humble person in sports media, has faced backlash and criticism from former friends and colleagues in the industry.

This has resulted in negative articles and public attacks on social media.

The criticism revolves around the individual's stance on playing football during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The author of the book idolized Davy Crockett as a child and believes in being confident and determined.

They worked hard and pushed those around them to work hard as well.

However, they admit to not always being the nicest version of themselves and sometimes losing their temper.

They felt a sense of urgency and pressure to make things happen, as it seemed like everyone was against them and time was running out.

In the late summer of 2020, the author describes a hectic period where they were constantly on their phone, managing Outkick and their shows, and working to save the college football season.

Despite the lack of sleep, they were determined to ensure that the players could report to fall camp in the SEC, Big 12, and ACC conferences.

They had private conversations with Sankey, expressing hope that if smaller college games and the NFL season could kick off successfully, it would create momentum for everyone to play.

The article discusses the return of college football in 2020, starting with the first game between Austin Peay and Central Arkansas on August 30th.

The author expresses their excitement for the return of football to television and mentions that the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 also started their conference games in September.

The SEC, ACC, and Big 12 successfully completed their football seasons, much to the joy and relief of fans.

The Pac 12 and Big Ten, after facing pressure from players, parents, and fans, also returned to the field, albeit with shortened seasons.

The article highlights that college football was played without any serious Covid illness or deaths among players or coaches.

The author argues that football itself posed a greater risk to players than the virus.

According to the provided content, high schools in the South continued to play football during the 2020 school year.

The author believes that sports, particularly football, played a role in keeping students engaged in school and ensuring a relatively normal school year for millions of kids.

The exact impact of sports on school attendance is unknown, but the author is convinced of its positive influence.

The author expresses pride in the fact that college football was played in 2020 and credits the existence of Outkick and their radio show for making it happen.

They claim that when there were few voices advocating for college football, their platform provided the necessary space for key decision-makers to ensure the season took place.

Outkick, a sports media outlet, played a significant role in ensuring that college sports were played in the fall of 2020.

The author expresses pride in their accomplishments and believes that Outkick deserves credit for their efforts.

Clay Travis is a prominent figure in the media industry, known for his work as a cohost on The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show.

He is also the founder and president of OutKick, a popular sports and culture website.

In addition to his hosting duties, Travis is a podcast host, TV anchor, columnist, editor, and author of several books including "Republicans Buy Sneakers Too," "On Rocky Top," and "Dixieland Delight."

He is active on Twitter, where you can follow him @ClayTravis.

The excerpt is from a book called "American Playbook: A Guide to Winning Back the Country from the Democrats" by Travis Clay.

It is copyrighted in 2023 and published by Threshold Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc.

The author's views expressed in this piece may not align with those of The Daily Wire.

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