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The article discusses how marriage has changed over the years, becoming more fickle and less permanent. The author suggests that social medi...

Rachael Wiley

Rachael Wiley

16 August 2023 10:57 am

The Leading Cause of Divorce: Relationship ADHD

Marriage in the Modern Era

The article discusses how marriage has changed over the years, becoming more fickle and less permanent. The author suggests that social media and a tendency for people to change their minds easily may be contributing factors. They argue that marriage used to symbolize a lifelong commitment, but now it has become more of a trend for some people, focused on the aesthetics and social media posts rather than the actual foundation of the relationship. As a result, some individuals may decide to end their marriages when faced with the challenges and responsibilities that come with it.

Mumsnet and the "This is Over" Moment

The content provided is about a post on Mumsnet, a British online forum for moms, where a woman asked about the "this is over" moment in marriages. The post was seeking stories from other users about the moments they realized their marriages were over. The person who came across the post found it interesting and mentioned that Mumsnet is a helpful resource for pregnancy and parenting advice.

A Lack of Concern

The article discusses a woman's experience with her husband's lack of concern for her well-being. The woman recounts a situation where she was late for a meeting at work and her workplace accidentally called her husband instead of her. When she returned home, she questioned why he didn't reach out to check if she was okay. The husband's response, stating that the police would have contacted him if there was an accident, made the woman realize that he didn't care about her. The article highlights the woman's emotional reaction to this revelation.

An Unreasonable Reaction

The article discusses a woman's decision to divorce her husband over a phone call mix-up. The woman was 20 minutes late for a meeting, and an employee from her workplace accidentally called her husband instead of her. The husband answered the call and reassured the employee that it was not a problem. However, the woman twisted this incident in her mind and questioned why her husband wasn't more concerned, implying that he should have been hysterical and worried about her safety. The author argues that the woman's reaction was unreasonable, as being 20 minutes late does not warrant such extreme concern.

The Divorce Dilemma

The article discusses the official trailer for the documentary series 'Convicting A Murderer'. It mentions a woman who was so upset with her husband that she was considering divorcing him. The article questions why she expected everyone to understand her decision and what she meant by wanting "more". It also acknowledges that the husband was described as a good man, hardworking, and loyal, but this incident seemed to have caused a significant rift in their relationship.

An Opinion Piece

The content provided is an opinion piece expressing disapproval of a woman's decision to divorce her husband. The author believes that the husband is a good, hardworking, and loyal man, and predicts that the woman will regret her decision. The author also suggests that the woman may struggle to find a man who meets her expectations, as she may view someone who reacts strongly to her actions as "theatrical" and too dramatic. The author questions why anyone would want to be married to someone who calls the police when they are running late.

Unrealistic Expectations

The media and popular shows often portray a distorted view of marriage, leading people to have unrealistic expectations. One reason for this is the ease of getting divorced, which discourages couples from working through their issues. People nowadays are quick to give up on relationships, even for minor inconveniences. The idea of finding a perfect partner who will never make mistakes and create a flawless life is unrealistic.

A Call for Focus

The author of the content is urging people to stop being fickle and learn how to focus. They argue that many individuals have "relationship ADHD" and this needs to change. The author believes that this lack of focus is the root cause of many societal problems. They provide a link to download The Daily Wire app.

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