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Online dating has become a significant part of the dating experience, but it is not without its challenges. Many daters feel overwhelmed by

Rachael Wiley

Rachael Wiley

24 August 2023 6:07 am

The Widespread Discontent with Online Dating

Online Dating: Challenges and Discontent

Online dating has become a significant part of the dating experience, but it is not without its challenges. Many daters feel overwhelmed by the abundance of options and suffer from analysis paralysis. Despite their dislike for dating apps, people continue to use them. The reasons for disliking the apps vary between men and women.

The Fascination with Online Dating

The author of the article expresses their fascination with the world of online dating, although they have never personally engaged in it. They explain that they were in a long-term relationship when online dating apps became popular and subsequently did not feel the need to use them. However, they acknowledge the convenience and changing cultural norms that have led people to embrace online dating, particularly as they get older and their lifestyles change. Despite this, the author notes that many people express dissatisfaction with the experience of using dating apps.

Complaints from Men

According to some men, one of the biggest complaints about online dating is that women often lie about their appearance. They heavily edit their pictures before posting them on dating apps, leading to disappointment when the person they meet doesn't look like their photos. The purpose behind this behavior is unclear, as it seems unlikely that women believe they can deceive someone or that their personality will make up for the discrepancy. The author suggests that if they had an online dating profile, they would use a slightly less attractive photo to pleasantly surprise their date. The question remains as to why women feel the need to misrepresent their looks, including their smile, body, and skin tone.

Complaints from Women

According to conversations with women using dating apps, their main complaint is that men often initiate conversations but then abruptly stop responding. On the other hand, men also face a similar issue where they reach out to women but receive no response in return. This behavior from both genders is seen as strange and frustrating in the online dating world.

Candace Owens' Perspective

Candace Owens, a prominent conservative commentator, discusses the motivation behind women heavily editing their photos in a video. She shares responses from women she asked about this topic. One woman mentioned that cameras tend to add a few extra pounds, although Owens questions the validity of this claim in the current technological era. Another woman admitted to editing the lighting or background of her photos but not altering her appearance. A third woman stated that she is not photogenic, and other women agreed, noting that some people may appear more attractive in person than in photos.

The Issue of Misrepresentation

The article discusses the issue of women editing their photos on dating apps to impress others and boost their self-confidence. The author believes that many women do this because they do not expect to meet in real life and editing their photos gives them something to do while receiving compliments from men. The author suggests that women are essentially lying and advertising something that isn't real when they edit their photos.

Different Approaches: Men vs. Women

According to the content provided, there seems to be a difference in how men and women approach dating apps. For men, it appears to be a numbers game, where they reach out to multiple women and focus their attention on those who they consider to be the most attractive. They believe that by casting a wide net, they increase their chances of finding a highly desirable partner.

Technology and Communication Skills

The article discusses how advancements in technology have led to a regression in human communication skills. It highlights that people have become reliant on apps and lack the confidence to have face-to-face conversations. This has resulted in individuals hiding behind apps and avoiding addressing their own insecurities. The author suggests that as confidence diminishes, people are more prone to telling lies, both to others and themselves.

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