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The author questions whether social media is causing harm to society or simply magnifying existing issues. They observe that celebrities, in...

Alan Daniels

Alan Daniels

17 August 2023 10:53 am

Unlock Your Potential: Embrace Growth and Improve Yourself

Is Social Media Magnifying Existing Issues or Causing Harm to Society?

The author questions whether social media is causing harm to society or simply magnifying existing issues. They observe that celebrities, including actors, actresses, musicians, and others, have been progressively pushing boundaries in terms of their outfits and behavior. The author suggests that once these celebrities start down this path, they feel compelled to continue in order to maintain attention and relevance.

The Influence of Satan and the Voice of Christ

Venerable Fulton Sheen, a religious figure from the 20th century, made a point about sin that is still relevant today. He argued that when a person is about to sin for the first time, God urges them to resist the temptation. On the other hand, Satan encourages them to give in to the temptation. This teaching applies to individuals regardless of their religious beliefs or cultural context.

The Temptations of Satan and the Importance of Caution

This content discusses the way Satan influences individuals to justify and engage in sinful behavior. It suggests that Satan tempts people by convincing them to disregard traditional moral values and embrace a more permissive mindset. The article contrasts the voice of Satan, which encourages indulgence and freedom, with the voice of Christ, who is portrayed as the accuser before one commits a sin. The overall message is that individuals should be cautious of succumbing to the temptations presented by Satan.

The Timeless Message of Satan and its Consequences

The article discusses the timeless message of Satan, who urges people to prioritize personal freedom and being true to oneself. It suggests that this message is still prevalent today, leading individuals to embrace and engage in sinful behaviors. The article raises the question of what consequences may arise as a result.

The Concept of Transformation and Redemption

The content provided discusses the concept of transformation and redemption after sinning. It highlights the perspective of Venerable Sheen, who explains that God is on our side and believes that we can change and become better individuals. On the other hand, the devil is portrayed as the ultimate accuser, suggesting that there is no redemption and no way to come back from our mistakes. This belief in the impossibility of transformation can lead to despair, as exemplified by the story of Judas, who committed suicide because he believed he couldn't change. The article also mentions that this despair and hopelessness can be seen in society today, contributing to rising suicide rates.

The Trap of Provocative Behavior and Fear of Accusation

This article discusses the idea that provocative behavior is seen by some as a form of true freedom. It highlights how individuals who engage in such behavior often hear a voice encouraging them to continue, suggesting that there is nothing left for them otherwise. The article also draws parallels to social media, where past actions or statements can resurface years later, leading to public backlash and claims that the person is unworthy of acceptance. The overall message conveyed is that individuals may feel trapped and unable to transform themselves due to fear of being accused of hypocrisy or insincerity.

The Power to Change and Improve

The author reflects on their personal experience of being accused of being fake when trying to change and improve themselves. They admit to previously holding more liberal views but have since shifted towards being a Republican. Despite this change, some people continue to label them as a grifter, suggesting that they only switched sides for personal gain. The author expresses frustration at the societal expectation that individuals cannot change their beliefs or evolve over time.

Believing in the Ability to Make Positive Changes

This content emphasizes the idea that individuals have the power to change and improve themselves, regardless of their past actions or behaviors. It highlights that one can choose to leave behind negative habits, such as being a drug addict or an internet troll, and become a better person. The message encourages readers to believe in their ability to break free from evil and wickedness and make positive changes in their lives.

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