Unveiling the Hidden Truth: The Obama Administration's Secrets

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Tablet has published an interview with historian David Garrow, who wrote an unauthorized biography of Barack Obama called Rising Stars. The ...

Rachael Wiley

Rachael Wiley

10 August 2023 10:33 am

Unveiling the Hidden Truth: The Obama Administration's Secrets

Tablet Publishes Interview with Historian David Garrow

Tablet has published an interview with historian David Garrow, who wrote an unauthorized biography of Barack Obama called Rising Stars. The book, released in 2017, did not receive the attention it deserved and its revelations did not make it into the mainstream media. This highlights the notion that the press has been committed to shielding Obama from any potential harm since 2008.

New Book Challenges Narratives in Obama's Autobiography

In a new book by David Garrow, several revelations about former President Barack Obama have come to light. The book challenges some of the narratives presented in Obama's previous autobiography, "Dreams From My Father." According to Garrow, Obama's breakup with a white girlfriend in Chicago was not due to her lack of understanding of his racial solidarity with black America, as previously stated. Instead, the couple broke up because Obama refused to distance himself from black anti-Semitism. Additionally, the book claims that Obama wrote letters to a girlfriend in which he expressed fantasies about engaging in sexual activities with men. These revelations have sparked interest and discussion about Obama's personal life and his portrayal in his own writings.

Media's Failure to Cover Allegations

The allegations mentioned in a book called "Rising Star" are being described as incredible. The book claims that the media failed to adequately cover these allegations, showing a lack of curiosity about the subject who was treated more like an idol than a politician.

Media Bias and Obama's Influence on Biden's White House

The article highlights the alleged bias of the media in not covering certain aspects of former President Barack Obama's influence on the current White House under President Joe Biden. It claims that in 2008, the media ignored reports about Obama's association with a racist and anti-Semitic church, and continues to overlook the fact that many of Biden's closest aides were also close allies of Obama. The article suggests that there is a lack of discussion and coverage regarding Obama's influence on the current administration.

Institutions Aligned with Obama's Worldview

The content provided is a summary of an episode of The Ben Shapiro Show. It discusses how various major institutions in American life, including the media, entertainment, and tech companies, have aligned themselves with Barack Obama's worldview. It mentions Obama's perception of himself as a world-historical figure and his response to the 2010 midterm election results by suggesting that his opposition was motivated by racism and bigotry. The summary also suggests that the support for Obama's coalition is connected to the allegiance of influential individuals towards Obama himself.

The Myth of Barack Obama's Influence

The content provided suggests that the myth built around Barack Obama has shaped institutions for decades and will continue to do so in the future. The author argues that Obama has no interest in building the Democratic Party and lacks deep policy commitments, focusing instead on personal victory and perception. The media is accused of promoting a false narrative of Obama as a racial conciliator and a man of honor. The collapse of institutions is attributed to the perpetuation of this lie. The article concludes by stating that we still live in the era of Barack Obama.

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