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The author of the content flew to Bucharest, Romania, to interview Andrew Tate. The interview has gained over 3 million views and has receiv...

Irma Estes

Irma Estes

03 August 2023 11:21 am

Unveiling the Motivation Behind My Interview with Andrew Tate

The Interview with Andrew Tate

The author of the content flew to Bucharest, Romania, to interview Andrew Tate. The interview has gained over 3 million views and has received mostly positive responses. However, some people questioned why the author chose to interview Andrew Tate, who is neither a conservative nor a Christian. The author intends to address this question in the article.

Engaging with Different Viewpoints

The author of this statement is expressing their disagreement with the idea of limiting interactions to only conservatives or Christians. They argue that the role of conservative and Christian podcasters is not to only host people who agree with them, but rather to engage in conversations with individuals who may have different viewpoints. The author mentions having had guests on their show with whom they have fundamental disagreements, citing an example of having the founder of Black Lives Matter New York join them. They believe that the goal should be to discuss both different and similar ideas and foster conversations, particularly with interesting individuals like Andrew Tate.

Tate's Popularity and Influence

The article discusses the popularity and influence of a person named Tate, who has gained a significant following among young men worldwide. Despite some conservatives in America giving him a platform, the article suggests that Tate's success is primarily due to his own efforts. The article mentions that within 24 hours, over one million people watched his content, and the number of views continues to increase. It concludes by stating that Tate's platform will exist regardless of conservative support.

A Journey into Conservatism

The author reflects on their journey into conservatism and how their views have evolved over time. They initially started exploring conservative principles because they believed that leftist principles were hindering the progress of black Americans. However, they now realize that the issue is more complex and have developed fundamental differences with the people they initially listened to. The author acknowledges that the individuals they currently listen to would not have been able to convince them to become conservative when they first became curious about the ideology.

A Personal Path to Conservatism

The author of the content shares their personal journey of transitioning from a liberal to a conservative. They explain that they did not come from a conservative background but were influenced by their Christian grandfather. They describe their path to conservatism as a process and emphasize the importance of personal experiences and spiritual maturation in shaping their beliefs. The author also mentions that they are able to connect with others by speaking about the drawbacks of liberalism from their own lived experience.

Candace Owens on Interviewing Andrew Tate

Candace Owens explains in a video interview why she interviewed Andrew Tate, a controversial figure known for his provocative statements. Owens reflects on her own experiences with music and how she used to listen to hip hop with explicit language and dark themes when she was younger. She explains that she connected with artists like Jay-Z because they came from nothing and achieved success, which gave her hope that she could also make something of herself. Owens emphasizes that she has since matured and stopped listening to that kind of music, but she still understands why others continue to listen to it. She believes that people from non-privileged backgrounds need someone to look up to, and that music can provide hope and inspiration for them. Owens concludes by stating that spiritual development is a process and that she doesn't leave behind those who still listen to that music.

Understanding Young Men's Perspectives

The author discusses their ability to engage in conversations with young women and help them navigate the process of maturation. They emphasize the importance of not judging young men who follow certain influencers, but rather seeking to understand why they are drawn to them. The author believes that asking meaningful questions is key to understanding and addressing this phenomenon.

The Toxic Matriarchy

The content provided suggests that the author believes society is currently under a toxic matriarchy where women dictate what is considered masculine and how men should behave. The author argues that this situation is causing societal issues and describes it as "hell on earth."

Positive Representation for Men

The article discusses how men have been negatively portrayed and belittled by mainstream media and culture. It highlights how women in the music industry often rap about men in a derogatory manner, mock relationships, and promote a toxic brand of feminism that makes men feel terrible. However, the article introduces a person named Tate who has stood up for men and encouraged them to focus on self-improvement. Tate's message is that men can work out, start businesses, and be strong, and they should not pay attention to negative messages from certain women. The article concludes by stating that men have positively responded to Tate's message.

An Open-Minded Perspective

The person speaking in this statement is a woman who is unapologetic about her desire to sit down and speak with various individuals, including Vladimir Putin. She expresses her curiosity and skepticism towards mainstream media, suggesting that they manipulate the narrative. She also mentions her willingness to engage with people who are considered "horrible and backwards." Overall, she emphasizes her open-mindedness and curiosity.

Pride in the Interview

The author expresses pride in having a conversation with Andrew Tate and hints at more discussions to come. They also provide a link to download the Daily Wire app.

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