Unveiling the Truth: The Ongoing Misrepresentation of Michael Brown's Story After 9 Years

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Yesterday marked the ninth anniversary of the lynching of police officer Darren Wilson, who was involved in a controversial incident in 2014...

Jody Golden

Jody Golden

10 August 2023 1:14 pm

Unveiling the Truth: The Ongoing Misrepresentation of Michael Brown's Story After 9 Years

Anniversary of the Lynching of Police Officer Darren Wilson

Yesterday marked the ninth anniversary of the lynching of police officer Darren Wilson, who was involved in a controversial incident in 2014.

Incident Involving Michael Brown

On August 9th, 2014, Wilson attempted to detain 18-year-old Michael Brown, who had recently committed a robbery and assaulted a store clerk.

Important Sentence: According to the Obama Department of Justice, Wilson and other witnesses claimed that Brown reached into Wilson's SUV, punched him, and grabbed him.

Investigators supported this account by noting bruising on Wilson's jaw, scratches on his neck, and the presence of Brown's DNA on Wilson's clothing, as well as Wilson's DNA on Brown's palm.

In response to the threat, Wilson shot Brown, who initially fled but then turned around and charged at Wilson. Wilson ultimately shot and killed Brown in self-defense.

DOJ Investigation and Media Reports

The content provided discusses the Department of Justice's investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown by police officer Darren Wilson.

Important Sentence: It claims that the Obama administration made efforts to charge Wilson but concluded that he did nothing wrong.

It also disputes media reports that Brown said "don't shoot" and states that witnesses who claimed Brown had his hands up were contradicted by evidence or later recanted their testimony.

The reader is encouraged to read the full DOJ report for more details.

Darren Wilson's Life After the Incident

The content provided suggests that Darren Wilson, the former police officer involved in the controversial shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, has seemingly disappeared from the media and is living a life of anonymity.

The reports indicate that Wilson will likely never work as a police officer again and that his life has been destroyed.

Important Sentence: The author also claims that those who accused Wilson of being a racist killer have never apologized, and no one has been held accountable for the destruction of his life.

Criticism of Reporting and Focus on Truth

The article discusses the lack of attention given to police officers and the truth in the country.

It mentions the recent focus on the case of Michael Brown, which has received widespread attention and praise.

The author criticizes the lack of balanced reporting and suggests that the country should prioritize both police officers and the truth in such cases.

Criticism of News Station's Coverage

A news station in 2023 is being criticized for its coverage of a ceremony honoring Michael Brown, a teenager who was shot and killed by a police officer after a confrontation.

The criticism suggests that the news station is omitting certain facts about the incident, such as Brown's alleged attack on a store clerk and attempted assault on the police officer.

The news station is accused of focusing on the fact that Brown's body was left in the street for several hours after the shooting, without mentioning the difficulties faced by law enforcement in processing the crime scene due to a disruptive mob.

The news station is also accused of not addressing false claims made by witnesses, such as the assertion that Brown was shot in the back.

Criticism of Biased Reporting

The news article highlights the alleged bias and lack of objectivity in reporting by various news stations, specifically mentioning a local Fox station.

The article criticizes the station for not providing specific details about Michael Brown's actions but instead focusing on the broader issue of police brutality and injustice faced by African-Americans.

It also mentions the absence of Darren Wilson's family in the coverage, speculating that they may be in hiding.

Absence of Memorial Events for Darren Wilson

The news article discusses the absence of memorial events for Darren Wilson, the police officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown, in St. Louis.

Instead, the city organized events to celebrate the legacy of Michael Brown, who is described as a "thug" who robbed stores and attacked a police officer.

The article criticizes the use of the word "confrontation" to describe the incident, arguing that it does not assign blame or provide any meaningful information.

The article also questions why Brown's life and legacy are being honored without providing an explanation.

Criticism of Reporters and Spread of Lies

The author of the content is criticizing reporters, claiming that they are intentionally spreading lies and that anyone can easily fact-check their claims using Google.

The author questions where reporters are getting their ideas from if they are not thinking for themselves.

Alleged Flawed Investigations and Accusations

The content provided suggests that the Obama administration benefited from lying about incidents involving Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin, and that they conducted investigations into police departments, including Ferguson's, based on flawed reasoning.

The author argues that the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) labeled Ferguson as racist for pulling over more black people than white people, ignoring the fact that Ferguson is predominantly black.

The DOJ allegedly accused the city of racism when it disagreed with their reasoning, claiming that any denial of racism is further evidence of racism.

The author encourages readers to find the document online for more information.

Accusations of Media Deception

The content provided suggests that the media is being accused of lying about a shooting that occurred nine years ago.

The reason for this alleged deception is unclear, but the author speculates that it could be due to the media taking orders from the Democratic Party.

The tweet from Cori Bush, a Democratic representative, is mentioned as evidence of this ongoing narrative.

Additionally, the author mentions the statements made by attorney Ben Crump and various left-wing groups, which align with the sentiment expressed by Cori Bush.

Accusations of Lying about Michael Brown

The content provided suggests that there are individuals, including lawyers, politicians, and the Biden administration, who are allegedly lying about Michael Brown, a figure associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The State Department's new "equity representative" is mentioned as having portrayed Brown as a hero, with Secretary of State Tony Blinken present during the statement.

State Department Accused of Spreading Disinformation

The State Department is being accused of deliberately lying about a police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri from nine years ago.

According to a tweet by Gregg Re, the State Department is spreading disinformation about the incident, claiming that an unarmed black teenager was murdered by a police officer for no reason.

However, Re argues that this narrative was debunked years ago.

Consequences of Lies and Destabilizing Effects

The article discusses the perceived negative consequences of a lie surrounding the case of Michael Brown in Ferguson.

It presents a chart showing the rate of violent crime in Ferguson over the past few decades, highlighting a significant increase in 2014 when the U.S. government allegedly portrayed Michael Brown as a hero.

The article also points out a decrease in the number of violent crime cases solved during that time.

The author questions why this lie is being perpetuated despite its destabilizing effects.

Defunding Police and Increase in Crime

According to information provided by Fergusoncity.com, there are charts available for major cities in America that show a trend of defunding or scaring away police in recent years.

The website suggests that this has led to an increase in crime and a higher number of deaths in these cities.

The Ferguson lie is mentioned as the starting point of the modern Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Political Left and Internal Revolution

This content suggests a biased perspective that accuses the political Left of viewing deaths as collateral damage in order to gain political power through the rise of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

It claims that the Left recruited a mob of enforcers who could cause destruction without consequences, demonized local police departments, and controlled the FBI.

Additionally, it suggests that corporations supporting Democrats welcomed the rise of BLM as a distraction from growing populist sentiments.

Push for Internal Revolution

The content provided discusses the idea of lying about the events in Ferguson and suggests that the State Department and the Democratic Party are pushing for an internal revolution in the United States.

The author claims that they want to dismantle the current system of government, rule of law, and traditions, and replace them with something different where they are in control.

Control of Narrative and Reliability of History

The content provided discusses a strategy employed by the Left, highlighting their ability to control the narrative over time.

The author suggests that even if their narrative is debunked, they will continue to repeat it until it becomes accepted as truth.

This raises concerns about the reliability of information found in history books.

The example given involves Cori Bush, the State Department, the media, and the Democratic Party allegedly lying about something that is remembered by many, leading to questions about the consequences when there are no longer any individuals who remember the truth.

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