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According to a report by Just the News and journalist John Solomon, there is evidence that the Biden administration requested Facebook to re...

Irma Estes

Irma Estes

03 August 2023 10:53 am

White House Accused of Targeting Daily Wire: Evidence Revealed

Report Reveals Biden Administration's Request to Reduce Visibility of The Daily Wire on Facebook

According to a report by Just the News and journalist John Solomon, there is evidence that the Biden administration requested Facebook to reduce the visibility of The Daily Wire, a news company. The report states that memos reveal a series of meetings between White House digital director Rob Flaherty and Facebook executives in early 2021, during a time when concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine were spreading on social media.

White House Pressured Facebook to Moderate COVID-19 Vaccination Content

According to Just the News, recently obtained memos delivered to the House Judiciary Committee reveal that the White House was actively engaging with Facebook and pressuring the social media platform to moderate content related to COVID-19 vaccinations. The aim was to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated.

White House's Flaherty Requested Prioritization of Authoritative News Sources

The White House's Flaherty requested Facebook to prioritize promoting authoritative news sources like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal over The Daily Wire and polarizing figures like Tomi Lahren. Flaherty questioned whether changing the algorithm to favor these sources would have any significant impact and if there was a way to measure it.

Concerns About Facebook's Effectiveness in Combating Vaccine Resistance

According to Just the News, there are notes citing a person named Flaherty asking questions about Facebook's effectiveness in combating resistance to vaccines. The Biden White House is said to have wanted to know if Facebook is doing everything possible to address this issue. The notes also mention interventions such as mandatory post approvals and strikes for violating content in certain groups. Additionally, there is mention of uncovering new examples of problematic comments made by public figures.

The Daily Wire Files Lawsuit Against OSHA Vaccine Mandate

This news site has filed a significant lawsuit against the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) vaccine mandate implemented by President Joe Biden. They claim to be the only major company in the United States on the political Right to take legal action against the mandate, while other conservative-leaning media companies were reportedly enforcing vaccination requirements for their employees.

Potential First Amendment Violation and Civil Rights Concerns

The content provided suggests that there is a potential First Amendment violation involving the federal government pressuring a private company to censor information. The author argues that this is a violation of civil rights and suggests that there may be criminal consequences for government officials involved.

Consideration of Legal Options to Prevent Civil Rights Violations

The subject of the content is the consideration of legal options to prevent the Biden administration from violating the civil rights of Americans by pressuring social media companies like Facebook. The author mentions that they have pursued legal actions in the past and are willing to do so again, despite the high cost involved.

Decline in Traffic and Future Developments

The website has experienced a decline in traffic, and the evidence supporting this claim will be presented. The reader will be updated on any further developments regarding this issue.

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